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Degrees, minutes and seconds 2020-02-21
From Jonathan:
If a cone has an angle of 22 degrees, when i place it flat on a surface, the new resulting central angle is now at 68.69123834, but how come when i saw it on my friend it say 68 degree and 40 minutes, what is this minute?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Minutes and seconds 2012-08-29
From Casey:
I have to write a variable equation. The questions says there are 60 seconds. but we need to write and equation to solve for minutes. Is it 1/60 or 1/s
Answered by Robert Dawson.
Hours minutes and seconds 2010-11-26
From beket:
I need to turn 1.486588292 into real time hours minutes and seconds. I keep getting multiple answers. Online conversions give me 1 hour 29 minutes and either 11 or 12 seconds. On the calculator I get 1 hour 29 minutes and 20 seconds. Can you explain how to turn this decimal into time?
Answered by Robert Dawson and Penny Nom.
The number of minutes in n hours 2007-08-28
From sharquea:
the number of minutes in n hours
Answered by Leeanne Boehm and Stephen La Rocque.
How old would i be in minutes 2006-08-09
From Mariah:
i would like to know how old would i be in minutes if i was thirteen years old including leap years
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Nine minutes 2004-09-02
From A student:
You have two hour glasses-one measures 7 minutes and one measures 4 minutes.How can you time 9 minutes?
Answered by Penny Nom.
60 seconds in a minute 2001-10-11
From Andy:
I am a fourth grade teacher. Yesterday my students asked "Why are there 60 seconds in a minute?" Which also led to 60 minutes in an hour? I have had trouble determining why the number 60? Any help would be appreciated.
Answered by Penny Nom.
Law of cosines 2001-02-20
From Emily:
I missed a few days of class and I can't figure out how to solve Law of Cosines problems. I have the notes and formulas but I can't figure out how to do the math involved to answer the problems. I am also getting confused about how to use degrees and seconds in the Law of Sine and Cosine. I can't seem to get the correct answers and I don't really know how to solve them and enter them into my TI 86.
Answered by Harley Weston.
Calculs de minutes en heures 2009-02-23
From Denis:
Je suis en train de suivre un cours en navigation maritime et je dois changer souvent des minutes en heures. ex: 495 minutes = ?h??

Je désire avoir le cheminement le plus simple a faire pour ce type de calcul. Je ne travail pas avec excell. Je veux une formule a faire seulement avec une calculatrice élémentaire. Merci pour votre aide, j'apprécie beaucoup votre coup de main. Denis.

Answered by Claude Tardif.
calcul heures et minutes 2008-06-08
From cadare:
je n'arrive pas à comprendre et resoudre mes problèmes d'heures et de minutes,ex parti à 22h30, j'arrive à 7h15 quelle est la durée du trajet
Answered by Claude Tardif.
Combien d'heures et de minutes 2007-05-30
From masson:
pouvez vous m'aider pour resoudre ce probleme car je suis perdue combien d'heures et de minutes dormez vous si vous vous couchez a 22h15 et si vous vous levez a 6h57? car en suivant le raisonnement de la soustraction d'heure je trouve 15h12 et je trouve cela pas logique merci d'avance de votre aide
Answered by Claude Tardif.
addition et soustraction des heures, minutes, secondes 2006-11-22
From Halnais:
13 h. 25 mn + 18 h. 06 mn
23 h. 31 mn + 19 h. 33 mn

je ne me souviens plus très bien de ces opérations, faut-il additioner les heures à part puis les minutes, etc. pour les heures je crois qu'il ne faut pas dépasser 24 h. Pourriez-vous m'aider, et me donner le résultat, merci infiniment.

Answered by Claude Tardif.



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