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A number base that's not a positive integer 2009-12-11
From Nick:
Is it possible for a number to have a base that's not a positive integer? Base 1 gives a result that's meaningless but possible. I have no concept of a base 0, a negative base, or a fractional base, never mind any other base. I think there isn't any base that's not a positive integer, but, knowing that math keeps jumping ahead and sometimes has inventions before anyone knows how to exploit them, I think I'd better ask.

Thank you.


Answered by Robert Dawson and Claude Tardif.
Convert from base 6 to base 12 2008-03-02
From Jade:
I am trying to convert 13405 base 6 to a base 12 number. I am not allowed to go into a base 10 number. How will can I base 12 without doing anything with base 10? Thank you kindly.
Answered by Stephen La Rocque and Penny Nom.



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