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Optical illusions 2007-02-18
From Jami:
Hi, I'm Jami and I'm in 10th grade.I'm doing a geometry research project on optical illusions and need to know how math is involved.I have an idea already of how our eyes percept 2 dimensional images and construct them into 3D images but, that isn't my question.There are many books that contain optical illusion pictures that have secret messages in them or have objects popping out. Is there a mathematical way in that optical illusion pictures are constructed?
Answered by Walter Whiteley and Harley Weston.
Optical illusions 2000-12-06
From Jessica:
Hi, my name is Jessica, 7th grade, and Im doing a Math Fair project on optical illusions. As one of the required factors, we need a "mathmatical significance" paragraph. Unfortunatley, I can only think of one way that optical illusions have to do with math, and thats time because some optical illusions tell you to look at the picture for a certain amount of time.
Answered by Penny Nom.



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