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Reinforced steel mesh in a circular foundation 2015-08-22
From Padmesh:
in a circular foundation we are laying a reinforced steel mesh . i.e., like chords in both ways. the circle diameter is 2.91m and rods are placed 0.1m spacing. so I want to find the number of rods present in that circle. here by I am attaching an auto cad drawing for your reference
Answered by Penny Nom.
Parallel chords 2014-03-06
From Raj:
AB andCD are two chords which are in the same side of the circle.The length of AB=12 and CD= 24.if the distance between them is 4 then find their radius. Pls help me I just believe on you guys I am having my exam after 3 days
Answered by p.
Two parallel chords of a circle 2013-07-30
From Don:
two parallel chords of a circle AB and CD on the same side from the center measure 6cm and 11 cm respectively. The distance between the 2 chords is 3 cm. Find the radius
Answered by Penny Nom.
Two parallel chords 2011-12-04
From violet:
Two parallel chords of a circle AB and CD on the same side of the centre measure 6 cm and 11 cm respectively. Find the radius.
Answered by Chris Fisher and Walter Whiteley.



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