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What is a 1% slope? 2008-06-17
From randy:
trying to figure out percentage of slope lets say i have to run a pipe 80' at a 1%slope how much pitch is that?
Answered by Harley Weston.
Roof trusses 2007-10-05
From Mary:
I need to know how algebra is used in making or designing of roof trusses for a house. I have to present a poster in class showing how algebra is used in daily jobs. My dad works at a truss company.
Answered by Chris Langdon.
Th pitch of a roof 2006-12-15
From Rob:
I am trying to determine how much to add for roof pitch. I guess the best way would be to use a right triangle as an example.

The base of the triangle is always 12 inches. The leg pointing straight up is a variable. I will say 6" in this example. By changing the variable how can i determine how much longer the hypotenuse than the base expressed in percent or decimal.

Answered by Stephen La Rocque.



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