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Pouring angles for a crucible 2008-12-20
From Richard:
I am trying to work at pouring angles and volume left in during pouring a crucible, The crucible is cylindrical and flat bottomed.

I know the diameter, radius and volume of the crucibles. and the volume of liquid going into it.

So lets say the crucible is only half full firstly I need to work out the angle just before its going to pour. ( I can work this out as long as there is a certain volume of liquid if its not enough I cant do it)

Now the problem I also need to work out how much I should tilt the crucible to allow a certain amount out and be able to do this untill the volume reaches 0 at 90' turn. This is where I am stuck.

The reason for needing to be able to work this out is so i can develop a constant flow for example 10Kg of metal per second. Thank you very much for you time

Answered by Harley Weston.



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