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The best time to teach math 2008-08-03
From Kelli:
Is there a best time to teach math in the elementary classroom? Has anyone done any research about this?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Problems understanding math 2008-07-27
From Cindy:
why do so many people have problems understanding math. is it because at some point along the way they didn't fully understand a concept and they then lose confidence. Learning math is cummulative so what you don't learn at one point just gets more confusing as you move along. how do we correct this? how can i help students in junior and senior high who do poorly in math.
Answered by Stephen La Rocque and Victoria West.
When is the best time in the day to teach math? 2007-08-13
From Sarah:
Do most teachers teach math in the morning or the afternoon? Is it true that kids learn and absorb more information in the morning? When is the best time in the day to teach math? Has there been any research on this? thank you!
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Strategies for teaching operations with positive and negative decimal numbers 2005-02-02
From Erin:
I am wondering if you can suggest any strategies for teaching operations with positive and negative decimal numbers that do not rely on rules that must be memorized?
Answered by Diane Hanson.
How much time? 2003-10-29
From Lori:
I am a elementary teacher 3-6 math. We have just implemented the Houghton Mifflin Math curriculum. It seems to be quite difficult for most of our students. In order to get through all the material we need to do a lesson a day. Although the students are not getting the material that fast. Should we move on without all the students understanding the material or should we wait and remediate until they get it and be behind for the year. This isn't just a few kids its most of the kids. We are also suppose to teach to all the standards so if we don't get to them the students will not do well on the standardized tests.
Answered by Diane Hanson.
Teaching second grade 2003-06-10
From A teacher:
I am going to be teaching second grade next year. How can I differentiate instruction in mathematics to meet the needs of all of my students, from those who need intervention to those who need challenges? What are some techniques I can try for this grade level?
Answered by Diane Hanson.
How will I use calculus in my career? 2002-05-06
From Meridith:
How will I, hopefully a future secondary mathematics teacher, use calculus in my career if I'm not teaching calculus?
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
The best time to teach math 2002-03-10
From West:
My name is West. I teach 4th grade. I would like to know if there is any research which tells about the best time to teach math. Should it be taught in the a.m. or p.m.
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
Job outlook 2000-04-12
From Shelby Faust:
what is the future demand, in numbers, of a secondary mathematics teacher? what are the projected costs for this career? what technology skills will be needed for this career?
Answered by Walter Whiteley.



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