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the law of cosines

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The law of cosines and obtuse angles 2002-05-09
From Bryant:
The question that I am pondering is that I need to derive the law of cosines for a case in which angle C is an obtuse angle.
Answered by Penny Nom.
From an airport control tower 1999-08-04
From Pammy:
Hi I am a 30 yo mature age student doing my HSC but am having difficulty understanding this, if you can help me.

From an airport control tower, a Cessna bears 023 degrees T and is 27km away. At the same time, a Boeing 767 bears 051 degrees T and is 61km from the tower. Both planes are at the same height.

i) What is the size of angle ATB?

ii) Using the cosine rule to calculate the distance the planes are apart, to nearest kilometre.

I figured out and drew the triangular diagram but can't figure out the rest and which formula to use. sorry about this, thankyou kindly
Answered by Harley Weston.




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