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Rolling three dice 2012-01-26
From Aishwarya:
A red, a blue and a green die are all thrown at the same time. Display all the possible outcomes in a suitable way. Find the probability of obtaining:-
1. A total of 18 on the three dice
2. a total of 4 on the three dice
3. a total of 10 on the three dice
4. a total of 15 on the three dice
5. a total of 7 on the three dice
6. the same number on each die..

Answered by Robert Dawson.
Three dice 2004-05-10
From A student:
If one has 3, 6 sided dice what is the probability of the numbers that are rolled to total 4 through 10 inclusively?

Subsequent to this, what is the probability to do this consecutively...say 3 times?

Answered by Peny Nom.
Three dice 2001-01-03
From John Read:
I have three dice (A, B, C.) Three sides of each dice are blank. Three sides of each dice have a number. When the dice are thrown, it must be possible to result in the numbers 1 to 49 in any combinations without doubling up on any figure. i.e. Different combinations resulting in the same end number. I managed to get from 1 to 47 before getting stuck.
Answered by Claude Tardif.



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