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Math Beyond School

Math Beyond School is a compilation of articles that aims to address the question:

Where will I ever use this math?

The articles span a wide range of topics and mathematical concepts, from kindergarten to grade 12.  Their purpose is to provide some examples of how math is used in everyday living and in specific occupations.  

Aside from problem solving and the intelligent use of logical thinking, more specific math concepts are used throughout our daily lives and Math Beyond School illustrates this through realistic applications.

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Quandaries and Queries

The Quandaries and Queries section of Math Central contains many questions and responses from people who need to use a specific topic in mathematics to answer a question that has arisen in their work or their daily lives. To view these questions and responses go to Quandaries and Queries and use the Quick Search with the key phrase math beyond school. To refine the search to a specific mathematical topic, append it to the search, for example math beyond school Pythagoras or math beyond school trigonometry.

Industrial Problem Solving

PIMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop:
        Mathematicians and Industry Work Together



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