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Articles suitable for students from kindergarten to grade 5:


Applications of Integers
Integers are everywhere. Negative integers, which may be less obviously seen, can be found on thermometers, in hockey, when measuring altitude, and in banks.
The game of chess has many mathematical applications, other than the obvious concepts of problem solving and logic.
Cooking Conversions
When working with recipes, it is important to understand how to convert temperatures and imperial/metric units.
Cooking - Weights and Proportions
Using proportions, weight, and time while cooking a turkey.
Creative Cooking
Learning how to manipulate recipes using math.
Games of Strategy
The strategy behind particular games, such as chess, sudoku, or mancala, can be mathematically analyzed as Combinatorial Game Theory.
Making Enough: Working with Recipes
Working with recipes and fractions to produce just the right amount of food.
Math in the Kitchen
The mathematics involved in cooking is very broad and includes making conversions, working with numbers in recipes, operations with fractions, and estimating time and cost, among other things.




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