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The length of a belt around three pulleys 2011-05-18
From Grant:
I need to calculate the belt length around these pulleys, please can you help or refer me?

Known variables
D - Large Pulley Diameter
d - Small Pulley Diameter
c - Center Distance between D and d
T - Tension Pulley Diameter
x - Horizontal Distance between T and d' Centers
y - Vertical Distance between T and d's Centers
I need to calculate the belt length around these pulleys.

Kind Regards,

Answered by Harley Weston.
Calculating the belt length of a three pulley system 2006-07-16
From Mark:
I have a 3 pulley system with sides abc and pulleys ABC. Pulley A has radius of 10cm, pulley B has radius of 20cm, and pulley C has radius of 3cm. The side lengths are: (center to center of pulleys) between pulleys AB = 75cm, between pulleys BC = 100cm, and between pulleys AC = 50cm. I set these side lengths up as (according to law of sines and cosines) a = 100cm, b = 50cm, and c = 75cm. What is the length of the belt required for this system? I need to know how I would set this problem up and solve.
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.



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