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The grade 6 math curriculum 2007-02-24
From Ajay:
Do you have a list of topics a 6th grade students should learn in the 6th grade? I am "rusty" in math and would like to assist my son... Example: if an icetray has X cc of water and is split into 8 parts...what is the volume of each part...is this truly 6th grade level math?
Answered by Pam Fowler and Penny Nom.
ESL and math-speak 2006-11-03
From Matt:
My name is Matt and I am an ESL teacher in Korea. Recently I have begun tutoring a student who will be going to Canada soon as a 9th grade student. She is a very capable student and is concerned that her mathematical abilities outstrip her ability to communicate in English. I am writing mainly to inquire what level of math-speak I should teach to this student. For instance: should I be explaining geometric terms, or simply algebra? And if algebra, should I include complex numbers and the quadratic formula? If there are things that she will be taught in Canada, I'd prefer her to learn them firsthand from a math teacher. However, knowledge that she will be presumed to have I would like to teach.
Answered by Karen McIver.



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