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20 golfers for 6 days 2015-09-11
From Dave:
have 20 golfers for 6 days. Each player should pair with 18 golfers used a system on your website which is good for 5 days, but cannot get the 6th day. Thanks for your help Dave
Answered by Victoria West.
10 golfers, playing 7 rounds in 2 x 3balls and 1 x 4ball 2014-06-04
From adrian:
Hi, We are off to Scotland on our yearly golfing trip soon. Question is we have 10 golfers, playing 7 rounds in 2 x 3balls and 1 x 4ball. I would like to ensure that each golfer plays with the other guys an equal amount of times, guess 3ish? and we share the amount of times each player plays in the 4ball. Hope you can help?
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf with 3 teams of 20 2014-04-21
From Joshua:
Thank in advance for this great service

Golf - new - 3 teams of 20 - to create 20 unique groups of 3

For example use 3 teams of 3

1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b
1c 2c 3c

So groups are
1a 1b 1c
2a 2b 2c
3a 3b 3c

Groups can only have one a, one and one c - and that combo should be unique

Answered by Victoria West.
A 7 person golf schedule 2014-02-21
From Claude:
Golf Holiday: 7 guys, play a 4-some and a 3-some each day for 10 days. Want to have the best balance of each player playing with every other player the same number of times and each player playing in an equal number of 4-somes and 3-somes.
Answered by Victoria West.
A schedule for 18 golfers 2013-08-29
From Brian:
After searching the data base which helped me solve at least 3 other issues I have one more un answered question. I have 18 golfers split into 6 threesomes for 4 days of golf. What is my best option for a schedule mixing them all up as much as possible over the course of the 4 days
Answered by Victoria West.
16 golfers 2013-07-31
From Pat:
16 golfers...3 nine hole rounds a day...for 4 days. what are the best pairings for the fewest repeats of partners?
Answered by Victoria West.
4 couples golfing 2013-07-06
From Brian:
We have 4 couples going on a 4 day golf vacation playing 4 rounds of golf. I have spent hours trying to set up a schedule that allows the 4 spouse to play together, and then each spouse to play with one of the other spouses (men with women) for the] other 3 rounds.
I would like the foursomes to be different as possible. Also, no-one should RIDE in a cart with the same person more than once.
I am not a math guy so I try to do this by working it out on paper, over and over again. It ain't working!!
If you can help, I am very thankful.

Answered by Victoria West.
24 golfers, 6 days 2009-10-03
From patrick:
i need a pairing schedule for 24 golfers for six days playing in foursomes. Please
Answered by Victoria West.
6 golfers play threeball 2008-12-04
From Ian:
I have a group of 6 golfers wanting to play 3 rounds as 2x threeballs, but with different players each day. Is this possible? Can you provide some threeball combinations for this please?
Answered by Victoria West.
Six golfers 2008-11-25
From Joe:
I have a group of 6 golfers wanting to play 3 or 4 rounds but with different players each day if possible. We know we cannot make it happen without some playing with the same person. Can you provide some pairings for this?
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf schedule 2007-03-30
From Jim:
I am organising a golf break for 12 golfers playing in 3 fourballs over 5 days. I would like to maximise the number of different golfers each player can play with. Any help would br greatly appreciated.
Answered by Penny Nom.
28 golfers playing golf over 7 days 2007-03-20
From ian:
I have 28 golfers playing golf over 7 days I would like everybody to play with each other at least once Is there a schedule? Thank you Ian
Answered by Penny Nom.
A schedule for 24 golfers 2002-05-25
From John:
I am working on a schedule for 24 golfers. 6 groups of 4. I have 8 golf days (twice per week for a month).

Ideally, I would like to schedule all 24 golfers in 6 different groups of 4 on each day. Here is the catch.....no golfer in any group can be grouped togther more than once. Every group of 4 each day will have 4 new golfers that have never played together before. Is this possible?

Answered by Chris Fisher.
Golf Problem - The Sequel 1998-11-13
From Bob:
Sixteen golfers, seven rounds. What are optimum combinations for each golfer to play with as many different golfers as possible?

Many thanks,
Bob Payson
Answered by Denis Hanson.




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