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A hockey roster of 19 kids 2015-09-21
From Brian:
We have a hockey roster of 19 kids. We only want to play 15 kids for each game. 4 players will not play each game. There are 16 games total. We want to rotate who doesn't play evenly. Can this be done? How many games will each player sit during the season?
Answered by Robert Dawson and Victoria West.
Two teams of 4 playing 4 rounds of golf 2013-09-29
From Tom:
We would like to play a ryder cup format with two teams of 4 playing 4 rounds of golf. Three of the rounds would be pairs playing each other and one round would be singles. How can we set up the foursomes so we balance the number of times we play with every other golfer.
Answered by Victoria West.
Five players in a 4-player partnership game 2013-03-19
From Dee:
I have 5 players who are playing in a 4-player partnership game & want to rotate the 5th person in in such a way that each person is each other person's partner for a game. How can such a rotation be done?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A golf league with 2 man teams 2012-04-11
From Cosmo:
wanting to set up a golf league with 2 man teams. There are 14 A players and 14 B players.We want each A player to team with each B player once and each A player to play against each other A player once.Is this possible
Answered by Victoria West.
A golf league with 12 players 2009-07-17
From Jane:
My weekly golf league has 12 players in 4 threesomes. How many weeks would it take to play everyone once and not have too many duplications? What would be the schedule each week? Thanks
Answered by Victoria West.
A ten player schedule 2009-02-19
From john:
Answered by Victoria West.
As many player combinations as possible 2007-01-18
From Ken:
I coach a 5th grade basketball team with 12 players. I'd like to come up with a way to get as many player combinations as possible with two teams of 6 so that the makeup of the teams is different each time. An example would be: Players 1-6 on one team and players 7-12 on the other. Then I could have 1,3,5,7,9,11 on one team and the evens on the other. Then 1,2,6,7,9,10 on one team and the rest on the other. Can you help set something like this up?
Answered by Chris Fisher.
An onsale DVD player 2003-07-09
From Kim:
I have a DVD player with a regular selling price of $175 and percentage of discount is 10 percent. How to solve for discount amount and sale price? Also, when you figure out the sale price how to figure out commission amount when percentage of commission is 5 percent?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Selecting some players 1999-11-20
From Korbin Brown:
Roger Craig, during his term as team manager of the San Francisco Giants, received a strange communication from the team general manager, Al Rosen. Mr. Rosen told him to select 25 players according to this formula: 1/2 of the team had to be outfielders and infielders 1/4 of the team had to be starting pitchers 1/6 of the team had to be relief pitchers 1/8 of the team had to be catchers Roger was a bit confused by Al's request, yet complied anyway. How did he do it?
Answered by Claude Tardif.



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