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How many cubic metres of water can safely be stored in the tank? 2010-09-10
From susanna:
This water tank is a perfect sphere with an inner radius of 12 metres. However, they used inferior materials to build the water tank, and the tank can only withstand a water pressure of 185 kiloPascals. Assume the density of water is exactly 1000 kg/m3, gravity is 9.8 metres/s2, and disregard atmospheric pressure. How many cubic metres of water can safely be stored in the tank? Round DOWN to the nearest whole number (since rounding up could be catastrophic in this instance!), and please submit only a number with no other information.
Answered by Robert Dawson.
Finding Force When Pressure and Area Are Known 2009-06-25
From chris:
i need to calculate the force for a tube. given the follwing data. pressure is 900 PSI Tube is 6 m long by 1.5m Outside Diameter
Answered by Janice Cotcher.
Pressure at Given Depth 2009-02-22
From Tamara:
A sea is 3km deep. The average density of sea water there is 1020 kg/m^3. What is the water pressure at the bottom?
Answered by Janice Cotcher.
A pipe full of water 2007-06-07
From paul:
What is the volume of water in a 100mm inside diameter pipe that is 12.5 meters long What would be the pressure at the bottom if the pipe was installed in the vertical plain
Answered by Steve La Rocque, Penny Nom and Gabriel Potter.



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