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A table of values 2014-03-27
From Marisol:
A table value X 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 and Y 3,7,11,15,19,23,27 . what relationship of X to Y is represent by which equation? A . y= 4x. B y =x+3 . C y =4x+3 or . D y =4x-3
Answered by Penny Nom.
y=2x+1 and y=2x-1 2009-08-28
Need help of how to work this problems

y=2x+1 and y=2x-1

First of all what is the difference?

Second I think is easy just to work with the X y with the line in the middle

but how do you get the numbers for each side.

Answered by Penny Nom.
The table of values for y=3x-10 2009-01-09
From Jade:
How can I know the value of x for y=3x-10 in this table of values pls. include the deatails

if x=-2 y=-16
if x=3 y=-1
but how if y=2 what is x

Answered by Penny Nom.
A table of values 2006-03-28
From Cindy:
Create a table of values for each of the following functions: y=5x, y=52, and y=5x. I dont know to do this.
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.



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