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A weighted average 2008-11-27
From Kenneth:
I am interested in determining the answers to the following question by using some type of weighted average:

An investor has $30,000 to invest at simple interest in two accounts. One account earns 2% and the second earns 5%. How much must he invest in each account if his total return is 4% or $1,200?

Answered by Penny.
Averaging grades 2002-10-24
From Richard:
I'm using a grading program for the first time this year. (ok, that's not a question) I require my students to record their grades in a Scorekeeper when they get them back. I'd like to know if my students can keep up with averaging their grades just as the grading programs automatically averages them when I put them in the spreadsheet.
Answered by Penny Nom and Claude Tardif.
Word problems 2000-03-31
From Amy:
  1. a north bound train left at noon. four hours later a south bound train left the same station. at 5 o'clook they were 160 miles apart. what was the rate of both if the north bound train was going 20 miles faster than the other one.
  2. clark's final exam was given 5 times the weight of the weight of a weekly test. the avgerage of 15 weekly test was 91. the overall weighted average was 85. what did he make on the final.

Answered by Penny Nom.



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