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Golf schedule for 12 players over 8 days 2018-09-03
From William:
We have a golf trip with 12 golfers

we are playing 8 rounds together......we want to mix the group up at best possible w/o too much overlap.......
thoughts? the math is way over my head...

even if we play the first 6 rounds with different partners, then the last 2 can be repeats ...or whatever the math works out

Answered by Penny Nom.
A schedule for 12 high school golf teams 2015-11-15
From Jason:
I have 12 high school golf teams (A - L). There will be 4 games each week for 4 weeks. For each game, 3 teams play at a time (A vs B vs C). I would like it where no team plays the same team twice. Week four is my issue as I seem to always have a team or two playing the same team again. Is it possible to have each team play each other only once?
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 12 with a proviso 2015-07-07
From Ken:
I hope you can help me. I'm trying to put together a draw for 12 players in 3 groups over 4 days. One proviso, 2 players must play together in each round because they require the use of a golf cart. We are due to play in September this year.
Thanking you in advance for any assistance you can give.

Answered by Victoria West.
4 rounds of golf as three foursomes 2014-08-18
From Christopher:
For our golf trip, we will be playing 4 rounds of golf as three foursomes. We would like to have each person play with everyone at least once. Is this possible?
Answered by Victoria West.
12 golfers 2014-06-23
From Derek:
I have a golf group that is set up as follows.12 players broken into 2 teams of 6.We play as a 4 ball ie 2 from each group.I am looking for a formular to have the 2 players from each group not play with each other again & also both of the 2 in each group not play with others in the other group more than once.I don't believe it is possible,so will accept as little duplication as possible-many thanks-Derek
Answered by Victoria West.
2 teams of six playing each other 4 times 2014-05-01
From Steve:
I have 2 teams of six (Team A & B)- playing each other 4 times.

Is it possible to have a player from Team A play with a different partner from Team A for each of the 4 rounds, and likewise for Team B. Whilst no player from either team plays an opponent more than twice during the 4 rounds?

Answered by Victoria West.
Golf League Schedule for 15 weeks and three flights 2014-04-21
From bigdog:
I need help setting up a 12 team (3 flights with 3 teams in each flight) 15 week league play schedule. Each team must play teams in there perspective flight twice during the 15 week season.
Answered by Victoria West.
12 golfers, 6 rounds 2014-03-27
From Bill:
I have a group of 12 golfers playing 6 rounds of golf. I am looking for a pairings schedule that allows each golfer to play at least one round in a foursome with each of the other eleven players.

Can you provide me with a solution?

Answered by Victoria West.
12 golfers, 24 weeks 2014-03-27
From George:
I have 12 golfers and want to set up a season schedule that will avoid duplication of playing partners as much as possible. The saeson is 24 weeks long. Do you have a formula?
Answered by Victoria West.
A golf tournament for 12 people 2013-08-01
From Brad:
I've looked all over the web for a solution to this (including searching the archives here) to no avail.

We're doing a golf tournament with twelve people. Each person has a "handicap" that demonstrates their skill level. We have these numbers for each of the 12 players. We are trying to figure out how to schedule two rounds of golf with the most balance possible.

- We are playing two "real" rounds of golf (18 holes). There are four people per group.
- We want to split each round into two 9 hole games, which gives us a total of 4 games
- Halfway through (after 9 holes), you switch partners within the foursome that you're playing in.
- We want everyone to play with 4 unique different teammates

So say you start the first 18 hole round as a group of Players 1, 2, 3, and 4. Players 1 and 2 are a team, and players 3 and 4 are a team. After 9 holes, Player 1 would either be paired up with Player 3 or 4, and the other two players would pair up as well. Then the next day we will mix up the foursomes and do the same thing. In terms of just pure scheduling this is simple. But I'm trying to figure out how to best balance the handicaps (simple average of each team's two handicaps works here). Assuming I'll need some sort of program or spreadsheet. Any help or even a push in the right direction would be a tremendous help. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to give this a shot.

Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 12 2012-09-10
From John:
To have 12 players in groups of 4 playing in 4 games with different people each day
Answered by Victoria West.
12 golfers, 4 rounds 2012-08-29
From Paul:
We have 12 golfers who will play four rounds of golf - how can we organize the foursomes so that each player has the most exposure to the other 11 players?
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 12 2012-04-20
From glenn:
need to schedule 12 players for a 20 week season
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 12 2012-04-20
From Bram:
We are heading on a golf trip with 12 guys, playing 6 rounds. Can you please provide the formula whcih which have the least duplication.
Thanks in advance,

Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 12 2012-04-18
From Brent:
I have a golf group that is set up as follows: 12 players, broken into 2 teams of 6. I am looking for a formula to have one player from team A play against one player for team B each round, not repeat the match, and ride with as little duplication as possible. I know that it is not statistically possible with these numbers and will have at least one round that has duplication.
Answered by Robert Dawson.
Golf for 12 2011-07-07
From Jim:
I have a golf trip scheduled with a total of 12 guys. We are playing three rounds of golf. For round 1 Players A B C D must play together. Is there a formula that would allow me to set up the other 8 foursomes with no repeats or minimal repeats? Thanks.
Answered by Victoria West.



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