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A 12 week poker tournament 2014-05-12
From Jamie:
Looking to schedule a 12 week poker tournament with 18 players ...playing 2 separate 9 person tables...I'm looking to have a balanced schedule where everyone player with each other an equal amount of time
Answered by Victoria West.
License plates and poker hands 2009-03-14
From CC:
You have a license plate it can have 6 numbers/letters you can use the numerals 0-9 and the letters A-Z how many combos are possible and how did you figure it out?

Question 2,

Your dealt an Omaha hand You have KKKQQ, how many different hands can consist of the same cards.

Answered by Harley Weston.
An octagonal poker table 2009-02-23
From Corey:
I'd like to build an octagonal poker table using 4'x8' sheets of plywood. I would like each side edge to be approx. 2' wide. I am sure that due to the angles I can do this with one sheet of plywood, but i don't know how to measure for this. Can you help?
Answered by Robert Dawson and Harley Weston.
A seven card poker hand 2009-01-12
From Sean:
from a standard card deck, seven cards are chosen at random. find the probability that the set chosen contains exactly three of each of two different face values.

the second part of the problem asks the probability that the card hand contains exactly three 2's and exactly three 5's.

Answered by Robert Dawson.
2 aces and 3 kings 2007-10-05
From Becky:
How many 5-card poker hands consisting of 2 aces and 3 kings are possible with an ordinary 52-card deck?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Probabilities in poker 2004-11-04
From Ben:
Please can someone tell me the odds of getting a royal flush while playing texas hold em.
Please can you also let us know the odds of a royal flush while playing texas hold em if you must be dealt two of the needed cards.

Answered by Chris Fisher.
A royal flush 2003-03-24
From Vikki:

A poker hand consists of 5 cards selected randomly from an ordinary deck of cards: find the probability of a ROYAL FLUSH : the 10 , jack, queen,king and ace of the same suit.

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of:

*the number of ways to get the suit is 4C1
*the number of ways to get a 10 out of the 13 cards etc....
...but Im not sure I am going about this the right way, could you help?

Answered by Andrei Volodin.
All four eights in three consecutive hands 2002-04-01
From Blair:
What are the odds against the same person holding all four eights in three consecutive hands.
Answered by Brian Alspach.
Some 5 card hands 2002-03-28
From A student:
From a standard deck of cards how many 5 card hands are possible consisting of a. exactly 4 hearts

b. two cards of one kind and three of another(like a full house).

Answered by Penny Nom.
Jim's poker game 2001-05-24
From Nick and Karnal:
One day jim played poker with some of his friends and lost half his money.the number of dollars he had before the game was the same as the number of cents he had after the game, and the no of cents he had before the game was twice as much as the number of dollars he had after the game.how much money did he have before thegame???

Later that day jim met a friend Al on the street."hi al!Do u have any change on you al?""yes"
"Good!can u give me a change of a dollar?" "I am afraid not!"
"Then give me change of 50 cents.""I am sorry i cant."
"how about a change of a quarter?""not possible."
"a dime."
"also not"
"a nickel?"
"not even that."

al had no bills or silver dollars on him.whats the largest amount of cash he could have had? hope u can help me.

Answered by Penny Nom.



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