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Are the diagonals of a trapezoid ever perpendicular? 2007-09-23
From Amanda:
Are the diagonals of a trapezoid ever perpendicular?
Answered by Harley Weston.
Are all rectangles trapezoids? 2007-01-05
From Sarah:
Are all rectangles trapezoids?
Answered by Chris Fisher.
The diagonals of a trapezoid 2005-11-11
From Chris:
Is there ever a case where the diagonals of a trapezoid bisect each other?
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
Two calculus problems 1999-12-13
From Alan:
I have 2 questions that are very new to me, they were included on a quiz and the material was never covered. Our teacher never explained the purpose and detailed explanation of how to solve the problem. Could you help? Thanks.

Question 1:
A ball is falling 30 feet from a light that is 50 feet high. After 1 sec. How fast is the shadow of the ball moving towards the light post. Note that a ball moves according to the formula S=16t^2

Question 2:
How many trapezoids must one use in order for the error to be less than 10^-8 if we want to find the area under the curve Y=1/X from 1 to 2. Find the exact area, Graph the function and use the trap rule for the "N" that you found.

Answered by Harley Weston.

Two Inscribed Trapezoids 1998-01-27
From James:
A hexagon inscribed in a circle has three consecutive sides each of length 3 and three consecutive sides each of length 5. The chord of the circle that divides the hexagon into two trapezoids, one with three sides each of length 3 and the other with three sides each of length 5, has length equal to m/n, where m and n are relatively prime positive integers. Find m+n.
Answered by Haragauri Gupta.



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