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A 15 team tournament 2015-10-28
From Joseph:
We have a 15 team tournament. Each team plays all other teams. We need a schedule were each game has a work team. Thus at each fields we have two teams playing and one working. All teams need to play each other and also be a work team. Any help would be appreciated!!
Answered by Victoria West.
A conditional probability problem 2015-08-24
From Faustina.:
Please I have an exam tomorrow. And I have tried by best in solving this Question. An urn contains 10 white, 5 yellow and 10 black marble. A marble is chosen at random from the urn and it is noted that it is one of the black marble, what is the probability that it is yellow?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A 12 week poker tournament 2014-05-12
From Jamie:
Looking to schedule a 12 week poker tournament with 18 players ...playing 2 separate 9 person tables...I'm looking to have a balanced schedule where everyone player with each other an equal amount of time
Answered by Victoria West.
Archimedes Burning Mirror 2012-07-17
From Frakeetta:
Archimedes Burning Mirror There is a story about Archimedes that he used a “burning mirror” in the shape of a paraboloid of revolution to set fire to enemy ships in the harbor. What would be the equation of the parabola that one would rotate to form the appropriate paraboloid if it were to be designed to set fire to a ship 100m from the mirror? How large would the burning mirror need to be? What is the likelihood that this story is true?
Answered by Robert Dawson.
Flipping a cone over 2011-01-17
From Fionna:
The height of your cone is "x". Holding the cone so that the vertex is at the bottom, fill it half full with water. The depth of the water is "1/2x". Put a lid over the top, and flip it over. What is the new depth of the water, now that the cone is flipped?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A football schedule 2009-08-14
From Bill:
I am having trouble with a football schedule that has two divisions of five teams each, 1-5 and 6-10. 1-5 will play against each other in the first 4 weeks and also the the last 4 weeks with teams 6-10 completing the middle of the schedule. The schedule is 13 weeks. Thank you for your time
Answered by Chris Fisher and Victoria West.
Golfing with an unpopular golfer 2009-07-23
From Ian:
"We are a group of 8 golfers, one of whom is unpopular. How can we construct a schedule, of two foursomes, so that each person is scheduled to play with him the same number of times. What does the week by week schedule look like?"
Answered by Robert Dawson and Victoria West.
A ten player schedule 2009-02-19
From john:
Answered by Victoria West.
7 golfers playing 4 days of golf 2009-01-30
From Trish:
I have 7 golfers and we are playing 4 days of golf. I would like to do pairings so that everyone gets to play with each other at least one time. Can you help with this? Not a math whiz here and looking for help. Thank you.
Answered by Victoria West.
18 golfers and 5 rounds 2009-01-10
From steve:
We have 18 golfers 5 rounds . Would like 3 foursomes and 2threesomes each day Different groups each day.
Answered by Victoria West.
Liquid in a drum 2008-11-10
From RAY:
How can I determine the exact amount of liquid in an overturned drum?
Answered by Penny Nom and Victoria West.
Balls and cubes in an urn 2008-09-09
From Dave:
In an urn, there are 80 objects of two kinds: cubes (C) and balls (B). An object can be either red (R) or green (G). Note that all the four combinations are possible and that the number of cubes is not necessarily equal to the number of balls. Similarly, the number of red objects is not necessarily equal to the number of green objects. Someone tells us that in the urn there are 20 red cubes, 50 balls, and 30 red objects. An object is randomly selected from the urn.
(a). What is the probability that a green ball is selected?
(b). If we know that a cube has been selected, what is the probability that it's red?
(c). If we know that a red object has been selected, what is the probability that it's a cube?

Answered by Harley Weston.
20 golfers playing 5 rounds in 4-somes 2008-09-03
From joe:
20 golfers playing 5 rounds in 4-somes. 5 players in group A play with all 15 golfers in groups B,C,D but not with any in their own group (A). 5 players in group B play with all 15 players in groups A,C,D but not with any in their own group (B) and so on. So each 4-some has an A,B,C,&D player each of the 5 rounds.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
A golf tournament 2008-06-24
From Roland:
We have a golf tournament, 12 players, three rounds. We want to pair so that we have pairings with as few duplications as possible.
Answered by Janice Cotcher.
A 9 team flag football tournament 2008-05-22
From James:
I like to run a 9 team flag football tournament where each team is guaranteed 3 games prior to playoffs. All games must have playoff implications and must not be a consolation game.
Answered by Victoria West.
How many games? 2008-05-12
From Amy:
Central Middle School is hosting a city-wide ping pong tournament. Twenty students signed up for the tournament. Each player plays another; the winner goes on to the next round. Elimination games continue until there is one grand winner. How many games must be played to find the grand winner?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Golf pairings 2007-10-02
From Mike:
Regarding arranging golf players so no person plays with anyone more than once. You have given examples for 16 and 24 players. If it can be done, i need a solution for 20 players, 4 players per team one round per day for 5 days
Answered by Victoria West.
How much lemon oil do you need to make 10.15L of polish? 2007-01-16
From Sajad:
to make an environmentally safe furniture polish, you can combine lemon oil and mineral oil in the ratio 3:200, by volume. How much lemon oil do you need to make 10.15L of polish?
Answered by Penny Nom.
The volume of a piece of furnature 2006-01-10
From Kimberly:
What is the cubic feet for a piece of furniture that is 38" wide X 45" tall X 18" deep
Answered by Penny Nom.
My fantasy football league 2005-08-16
From Jim:
I have to make a schedule for my fantasy football league. There are 10 teams in the league and we play a 13 week season. The challenge is we want to play each team only once during the first 10 weeks. This way no team will play another team twice without having played each team at least once. Is this possible?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A golf tournament 2003-08-23
From Dale:
I am running a golf tournament with twelve golfers. We will be playing four rounds of golf. I don't want to schedule the same two players together more than twice (if possible). How would I make a schedule that each player would play at least once with every other player? I would appreciate any help that you can give me.
Answered by Denis Hanson.
A schedule for a fantasy football league 2002-09-01
From Steve:
i am in a ten(10) team league, split evenly into two five team divisions. we play a thirteen(13) game schedule and would like to play each team in your own division twice, and each team in the other division once. according to my rudimentary mathematics that equals 13 games. a good schedule should look somthing like this: team 1-5 = division 1 team 6-10 = division 2 team 1 should play teams 2-5 twice and teams 6-10 once.
Answered by Claude Tardif.
A schedule for 24 golfers 2002-05-25
From John:
I am working on a schedule for 24 golfers. 6 groups of 4. I have 8 golf days (twice per week for a month).

Ideally, I would like to schedule all 24 golfers in 6 different groups of 4 on each day. Here is the catch.....no golfer in any group can be grouped togther more than once. Every group of 4 each day will have 4 new golfers that have never played together before. Is this possible?

Answered by Chris Fisher.
12 pairs playing bridge 2001-11-09
From Diana:
I have 12 pairs playing bridge against one another for 12 games. I need to have each pair partnered with another pair -- but only once. I'm looking for a schedule for play for all 12 games. They should only be able to play against another team only once also. (ex: 1/2 v 3/4 then 4/2 v 3/1) Thank you for this opportunity to solve my dilemma.
Answered by Claude Tardif.
Writing in the math curriculum 2001-04-23
From Wendy:
I am trying to incorporate more writing into my math curriculum. I am currently using journals and activities which involve written explanations. Any new ideas on how to involve my students more in the writing process in math class?
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
Scheduling a golf vacation 2000-12-05
From Michael:
I'm having a problem scheduling matches for a golf vacation. We have 12 people playing 7 rounds of golf in 7 days. We play 2 man teams vs. 2 man teams everyday.Is there a formula so that you play WITH a different partner everyday and AGAINST as many different people as possible? Thank You for any help you may be.
Answered by Penny Nom.
Scheduling Meetings 1999-06-25
From Beth Carver:
We have 6 groups meeting at three different places simultaneously. The meetings take place once a month each year. Is there a way to have each group meet with each of the other groups at least twice in a year, four times in each place?
Answered by Chris Fisher and Harley Weston.
Combien a t-il rapporté dans une journée ? 2006-06-21
From Madame Moro:
On lui donne un prix au km soit 1630 €/km, Marc a réalisé 211 m dans la journée, Combien a t-il rapporté dans une journée ?
Answered by Claude Tardif.



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