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The derivative of sin(x) 2014-04-26
From Lucky:
f(x)=Sin(x), by first principle its f'(x)...show me how to solve such problem.
Answered by Penny Nom.
A schedule for 9 teams on 3 fields for 18 days 2014-04-25
From Scott:
I need to schedule 9 teams on 3 fields for 18 days with no buys. Two teams play while other practices in field(little guys). Two fields have backstops and other is open field. Would like to have even time on each diamond if possible. Thank you
Answered by Victoria West.
Solve for theta 2014-04-25
Hi, The question asks Solve for 'theta' cos2theta=sintheta x costheta. Substituting for cos2th either 1-2sin^2th or 2cos^2th does not give an equation in either sine or cosine alone how do I solve this please?
Answered by Penny Nom.
An octagonal pad 2014-04-25
From George:
Hi, I need to pour a cement pad in the shape of an octagon that allows for 12" of clearance around the tank I will be putting on it. The tank has a radius of 16'.
Answered by Penny Nom.
A trig problem 2014-04-25
From srishti:
Consider the points P= (-sin(a-b),-cosa), Q=(cos(a-b),sina), R=(cos(a-b+c),sin(a-c), where 0
Answered by Chris Fisher.
What was the selling price? 2014-04-25
From Con:
Apple built 40 32GB wifi iPads, gave away two in a contest, and sold the rest at two times the manufacturing price. If the company's total profit was $10,782, what is the selling price of one of these iPads?
Answered by Penny Nom.
What time was it when joe's brother passed him? 2014-04-25
From Nathan:
joe left home in his bike at 10:00 am, traveling 21 km/h. At noon, his brother set out after him on his motorcycle, following the same route. if the motorcycle traveled at 63 km/h, what time was it when joe's brother passed him?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A quadratic equation given the roots 2014-04-23
From Sarah:
How do you find the quadratic formula when you're given just the roots ... X=-3 X= 1/3 Thanks !
Answered by Robert Dawson.
Two 9 hole golf leagues 2014-04-23
From Sally:
I need help scheduling two 9 hole leagues. Here are the variables:
- Leagues alternate each week starting on the front and back
- League A starts at 4:30 with 7 groups and League B starts at 5:15 with 8 groups (all use carts and must be teed off by 5:30)
- Regular play must continue, customers who have started before league play begins have preference to continue their round whether they are playing 9 or 18 holes.
Thank you!!!

Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 6 2014-04-21
From barbara:
We are a group of 6 golfers. We play in groups of 3 for 5 days. How can I arrange the groups that everybody plays with everybody else at least once? Thanks.
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf with 3 teams of 20 2014-04-21
From Joshua:
Thank in advance for this great service

Golf - new - 3 teams of 20 - to create 20 unique groups of 3

For example use 3 teams of 3

1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b
1c 2c 3c

So groups are
1a 1b 1c
2a 2b 2c
3a 3b 3c

Groups can only have one a, one and one c - and that combo should be unique

Answered by Victoria West.
A 22 team golf league 2014-04-21
From Terry:
We have a team league at our local golf course. We have 22 teams, we would like it so that each team plays the other team only once. I have tried the scenario.
1,21;2,20;3,19;4,18;5,17;6,16;7,15;8,14;9,13;10,11;12,X X+1=1 scenario
2, 1;3,21;4,20,5,19,6,18;7,17;8,16;9,15;10,14;11,13;1,X
using formula from other post in your forums.

I can get all the possible playing arrangements. The big quandary is setting up the schedule so that each week, each team would start on a different hole.

I can get the first 11 weeks scheduled very easily, it is just trying to get the last 11 weeks scheduled?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by Victoria West.
Golf League Schedule for 15 weeks and three flights 2014-04-21
From bigdog:
I need help setting up a 12 team (3 flights with 3 teams in each flight) 15 week league play schedule. Each team must play teams in there perspective flight twice during the 15 week season.
Answered by Victoria West.
A normal distribution problem 2014-04-19
From Melanie:
This is the question:
The lifetime of a certain type of car tire are normally distributed. The mean lifetime of a car tire is 40,000 miles with a standard deviation of 5,000 miles. Consider a sample of 10,000 tires. A) How many tires would you expect to last between 35,000 and 45,000 miles? b) How many tires would you expect to last between 30,000 and 40,000 miles? c) How many tires would you expect to last less than 40,000 miles? d)How many tires would you expect to last more than 50,000 miles? e) How many tires would you expect to last less then 25,000 miles? f) What tires would you want on your car and explain your reasoning Not at all sure that we've done any of this correctly and not sure how to determine how many tires will last less than 25,000 miles. Any help is appreciated.

Answered by Penny Nom.
An input output table 2014-04-19
From Stephanie:
I have an input output table with x/y filled out except one x and one y. I need help. How do I find X?
Answered by Penny Nom.



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