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Numbers and Operations 2008-02-02
From Charlotte:
On the TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education) test, one of the categories is number operation. I would like to know what consist of number operation.
Answered by Penny Nom.
The grade 6 math curriculum 2007-02-24
From Ajay:
Do you have a list of topics a 6th grade students should learn in the 6th grade? I am "rusty" in math and would like to assist my son... Example: if an icetray has X cc of water and is split into 8 parts...what is the volume of each part...is this truly 6th grade level math?
Answered by Pam Fowler and Penny Nom.
ESL and math-speak 2006-11-03
From Matt:
My name is Matt and I am an ESL teacher in Korea. Recently I have begun tutoring a student who will be going to Canada soon as a 9th grade student. She is a very capable student and is concerned that her mathematical abilities outstrip her ability to communicate in English. I am writing mainly to inquire what level of math-speak I should teach to this student. For instance: should I be explaining geometric terms, or simply algebra? And if algebra, should I include complex numbers and the quadratic formula? If there are things that she will be taught in Canada, I'd prefer her to learn them firsthand from a math teacher. However, knowledge that she will be presumed to have I would like to teach.
Answered by Karen McIver.
How much time? 2003-10-29
From Lori:
I am a elementary teacher 3-6 math. We have just implemented the Houghton Mifflin Math curriculum. It seems to be quite difficult for most of our students. In order to get through all the material we need to do a lesson a day. Although the students are not getting the material that fast. Should we move on without all the students understanding the material or should we wait and remediate until they get it and be behind for the year. This isn't just a few kids its most of the kids. We are also suppose to teach to all the standards so if we don't get to them the students will not do well on the standardized tests.
Answered by Diane Hanson.
7th grade math lesson plans 2002-07-23
From Peter:
Where can I get samples of 7th grade math lesson plans and curriculum for the whole year?
Answered by Leeanne Boehm.
Grade 4 curriculum 1999-02-09
From John:
My daughter is in grade 4 and her math teacher has asked her to write out the number 1 to 10,000. She is currently at 4567 and is sick of it. When I complained that this was not a usefull exercise she said that the Ministry of Education curriculum requires this and gave a photocopy of the page. It states: "read and write whole number to 10,000 in standard, expanded, and written forms (eg., 9367=9000+300+60+7 = nine thousand three hundred sixty-seven). Has the teacher interpreted this the wrong way?

Thanks John
PS. Do you have a web address for Ontario Math and Science Teachers organization?
Answered by Jack LeSage.




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