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Dividing the tips 2020-01-02
From Pat:
trying to figure out division of tips I have 3 full time employees 40 hrs a week and 1 part time worker 12 hours a week what percentages do i give them to give them appropriate tips :-)
Answered by Harley Weston.
Sale price and employee discount 2019-01-18
From Margaret:
What is the formula to find the 75% off full price item that was already marked 30% off?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Decimals,fractions and percentages 2014-04-11
From Frances:
Ask an expert to find out their real life usage of your topic... that is the question. meaning what is your real life usage of using decimals,fractions and percentages. This is all part of my math assignment to ask an expert real life usage... so please reply back as soon as possible
Answered by Penny Nom.
GST and PST 2013-07-22
From Bev:
Total sales revenues are 116391.38 this amount includes 5% GST and 80% of this amount includes a 7% provincial tax. The other 20% is PST exempt. GST is included in all. How do I figure the PST I owe?
Answered by Penny Nom.
What is the subtotal & GST? 2013-03-04
Hi, I have a total of $300. What is the subtotal & GST? How do I work backwards?
Answered by Penny Nom.
GST in New Zealand 2012-10-10
From Colleen:
I work out my claimable gst each month but need to know the total sales or purchases amounts for filling in my six monthly paper work. How do I do that. I tried doing the opposite of calculating the gst i.e. x3 and /23 but it is slightly different to my total.
Answered by Penny Nom.
A profit of 35% 2012-09-07
From Jack:
If a product cost me $10.00 and I want a profit of 35% what is my sell price? How do I figure the sale price to make a 35% profit on the sale?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Commission 2010-04-24
I want to pre-determine the amount of commission on sale of my product which will be the amount that I shall have to pay .
For example, the price is $ 600and commission 5% .
1) I calculate commission on 600 @ 5% = $ 30
When added $ 600 the retail price = $ 630
2) But on $ 630, 5% commission = $ 31.50
So we make a loss of $ 1.50 .
3) Again if we add this $ 1.50 to $ 630 the price = 631.50
But the commission when calculated does not tally
and we make a loss of $ 0.075.
Please let me know how to determine the commission beforehand so that it matches our accounts.

Answered by Penny Nom.
The retail price for an ice cream scoop 2009-07-05
From Patricia:
Hi - I am trying to figure out the fairest retail price for an ice cream scoop. We have an ice cream parlor and the cost of the ice cream we buy by the bulk container has recently been increased so now we must charge more for our scoops. We pay a wholesale price of $25.40 for 242 ounces of ice cream. The cost per ounce is $0.105. What is the formula for figuring out how much to charge retail per scoop? This is probably so simple but confusing to me. Please help. Thank you!
Answered by Harley Weston.
More on the gst 2009-02-23
From melissa:
I need to know the amount of gst that was in the amount of 630.67? How do you figure this out? I don't need the amount of gst after, but the gst included?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Calculating markup 2009-02-03
From Tonya:
I'm trying to figure out the formula for the following, I have a product that I want to receive a certain profit, but with this product I also have to pay a percentage of commission to someone. I need to know how to calculate my new selling price taking into account the markup percentage, but I don't want my cut to be lowered. I have calculated the markup percentage to get my new selling price with the commission, but it lowers my cut once I pay the commission and I don't want it to do that. Thanks
Answered by Penny Nom.
PST and GST 2009-01-20
From janet:
Hello I need to figure what one would pay pst 8% gst 5% on a total of $1700.00 I have a small business some pay with cash I need to calculate the taxes in reverse Can you help with formula that the government might like Thank you Janet
Answered by Harley Weston.
What is the pre GST price? 2008-12-05
From Chris:
I've been looking at a few answers to the question of before and after GST price calculation. the suggestion have been :: multiply the pre GST price by 1.10 to get the price and reverse to get a pre GST price.

But how do you calculate the pre GST price from an existing retail price?

For example if you take an item that is $150.00 and multiply it by 0.10 you get $15.00 as the GST add on. Apparently giving you $135.00 as the pre GST price. However if you then multiply $135.00 by 1.10 you get the $148.50 as the total.

So the question is how does one calculate the real pre GST price from an existing retail price?



Answered by Penny.
Increase pricing by 5% 2008-09-28
From Adrian:
I am working to increase pricing by 5%. If the price is 100, I would typically use the formulas 100 * 1.05 = 105, which is a $5 increase. An associate suggests I divide to get the desired increase. For example, using $100 with a 5 percent increase. I would use the forumula 100/.95 = 105.26. Thas is a 5.26 increase. Can you explain this method to me an why the different increases? Which one is correct.
Answered by Penny Nom.
GST and PST 2008-08-25
From Monique:
okay i live in ontario and i want to find out what my grand total will be so i know how much i will have to pay...
so if i have a before tax total of $48.40... what will my grand total be? with GST and PST i know that GST=5% and PST=8%

Answered by Penny Nom.
GST and PST 2008-07-02
From Sharon:
The question was asked before but it was based on a G.S.T of 7% and I am now interested in the answer for 5% G.S.T. It usually comes up when I husband bring homes a gas bill that doesn't break down the gst and pst, but rather just gives him the total cost I have to know how much GST he paid. If it is Diesel the PST isn't included but if it is regular gas he pays both. PST is 7%.
Answered by Penny Nom.
Percent difference? 2008-06-14
From Cathy:
I am trying to verify a "percent of difference" as stated on a tax form. I cannot seem to come up with the equation to do so.
Here are a few examples on the form:
Last year $62.91 this year $66.05 tax difference $3.14 percent difference -5.64%
Last year $ 2014.97 this year $1982.93 tax difference $-32.04 percent difference 57.56%
Last year $97.66 this year $79.58 tax difference $-18.08 percent difference 32.48%
I have tried several different ways and per some of Q&A's already on your site I still have a problem and would appreciate some assistance.

Answered by Penny Nom.
Total profit 2008-02-03
From Rhonda:
I help to manage a concession stand. We sell a variety of items. Some have a profit of 60%, some 80%, etc. We have done nothing scientific to choose our prices. We just try to stay in the ballpark of schools around us. Our administrator wants to pay those that run the concession stand a percent of what is in the cash box after start-up money is taken out. We have some gathered some data (not much) on how many of each item we sell and can certainly calculate percent profit. Is the profit for the entire concession stand a weighed average? I'm thinking (% profit on candy)(number candy sold) + (percent profit nachos)(number nachos sold) + (percent profit pop)(number pop sold), etc. Will this work? Does the AMOUNT of profit for these different items need to be figured-in? Hmmm. . .
Answered by Victoria West and Harley Weston.
Our company charges a 4% margin 2007-11-13
From Nadja:
Our company charges a 4% margin on top of a pay rate to obtain the total charge rate. A client is denying that the total charge rate is calculated in the following way:

Pay rate/0.96 = Charge rate

Please could you provide me with an explanation which I can pass on as to why it is calculated in this way?

Answered by Penny Nom.
calculating percentages for my class 2007-10-09
From Cori:
I teach a class in which there are seven projects/quizzes worth 10% each, and the midterm and the final are each worth 15%. No problem figuring out their final grade, but I have to give a mid-term average, having only FOUR of the seven 10% things, and the midterm test. The closest I've come to an accurate "average" is to just add them together (as equals) and average them.
Answered by Victoria West & Harley Weston.
Markup 2007-08-20
From Drew:
I own a manufacturing business and I need to figure out the best way to mark up our products so that we can make a profit for this year. Say for instance we have a plow that we can make for $938.00. We need to mark it up 20% so that we have some income. Do we take the $938 x 20% = $1125.60 or $938 / 80% = $1172.50?
Answered by Stephen la rocque and Harley Weston.
GST and PST 2007-08-11
From Cynthia:
I paid $15.98 for an item. Both GST (.96) & PST ($1.12) were added for a total of $18.06. I know that .96 is GST (6%) and $1.12 is PST (7%).
Other than looking at the receipt, if all I have is the total amount paid, how do I calculate how much of the total are taxes?

Answered by Penny Nom.
Reverse Calculation of GST and PST in Quebec 2007-05-03
From Derek:
Could you please tell me how to figure out the PST and GST paid on an item. Example: I paid $10 total (including taxes) and the GST is 6% and the PST is 7.5%, HOWEVER, in Quebec, we pay the PST on the sub-total+GST. Thanks, Derek
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Percentage markup 2007-03-16
From Debbie:
What formula or formulas do I use if I want to ultimately charge a customer $300 for a service, but need to factor in a 15% commission for a sales rep, $20 to cover the cost of our overhead, the cost of a $25 coupon that we will be sending to the customer to apply to future services. In other words, what amount do I initially quote the customer to be able to cover these costs?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Percentages in our daily life 2005-12-23
From Naina:
what are the uses of percentages in our daily life
Answered by Penny Nom.
Knitting gauge and felting 2003-10-27
From Sara:

I wish to create a pattern to knit an item that will then be felted, thus, shrink as a result. In order to determine the proper gauge to use in creating the item, I produced a gauge swatch, noted the original properties and then the post-felting properties. They are as follow:

Before Felting:

20 stitches(width) x 20 rows(height)yielded:
Gauge: 3.2 stitches(width) and 4 rows(height) = 1"
Dimensions: 6.25"(width) x 5.25"(height)

After Felting:

20 stitches(width) x 20 rows(height)
Dimensions: 4"(width) x 3"(height)

How do I calculate the percentage change in size to accurately determine the number of stitches and rows needed to produce the desired dimensions for the finished (felted) item?

Answered by Penny Nom.
Percentage in our daily lives 2001-10-08
From Natasha:
What are the uses of percentage in our daily lives?
Answered by Leeanne Boehm.



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