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Factorise 15x + 15y 2014-11-20
From Jordan:
hi i saw a question in class today that i didn't understand and i didn't really understand what my teacher was going on about so how do you factorise 15x + 15y
Answered by Robert Dawson and Penny Nom.
Difference of squares 2012-11-19
From Qelibar:
Please factorise x^2y^2 - 4
Answered by Penny Nom.
Factor (6a^2-5a+1)(8a^2-6a+1)(12a^2-7a+1) 2012-11-16
From bailey:
Factorise f(a)=(6a^2-5a+1)(8a^2-6a+1)(12a^2-7a+1) thus find [f(a)]^1/2
Answered by Penny Nom.
Stairs for the new community center, part 2 2012-11-13
From Emily:
Plans for a set of stairs for the front of a new community center use the ratio of rise to run of 2 units to 5 units.

B. Sketch a set of stairs that meets the rise-to-run ratio of 2 units to 5 units.

Answered by Penny Nom.
How can I trisect an angle? 2009-07-27
From Nazrul:
How can I trisect an angle?
Answered by Robert Dawson.
One vertex angle of a regular octagon is trisected 2009-02-19
From Chelsy:
Suppose one vertex angle of a regular octagon is trisected as shown in the figure. Each side of the octagon measures 4 units. Find the area of the shaded area.
Answered by Robert Dawson.
The rise over the run 2008-10-07
From Mak:
what is the ratio of the rise to run?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Speed of sunrise 2007-09-04
From Robert:
Facing west in a car, you are watching the sun rise (through the rear view mirror). It peaks the horizon, you take off driving. How fast would you have to drive, to see it rise again?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Common factors 2007-08-19
From John:
I have problem factorising 2p^3 - 34p. Please advise me.
Answered by Leeanne Boehm, Steve La Rocque and Penny Nom.
Trisecting an arbitrary angle 2004-04-06
From Joe:
Where can I submit my effort on trisecting an arbitrary angle with only a straightedge and a compass? I can do it but I do not have the smarts to prove it.S
Answered by Chris Fisher.
The percentage grade of that hill 2002-11-05
From Cathy:
If there is an 80ft climb over a kilometer(about 3280ft) what is the percentage grade of that hill?
Answered by Penny Nom.



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