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Why express fractions in lowest terms? 2014-10-09
From John:
I teach in a Faculty of Education. A colleague in the university asked me about fractions and lowest terms. I am quoting the person below, and would appreciate your insights into the question/thought.

"One I'm struggling with is why (for example) 6/18 is not considered as good an answer to a fraction question as 1/3. The traditional response is that 6/18 is not in lowest terms so the question has not been finished until the fraction is reduced, but what actually makes the lowest terms answer the better one? Is it convention? Is there a way to explain why simplest form answers in fractions are right and and anything else is considered incorrect without alluding to some need for this 'good habit' elsewhere in math or science? Is there a real-life reason?" Thank you for any insights and if you have nothing to offer to this query, that is fine too. I appreciate your consideration. John

Answered by Robert Dawson.
A ratio as a fraction in lowest terms 2011-08-12
From jonecia:
write this ratio as a fraction in lowest terms 707days of 112days?
Answered by Melanie Tyrer.
Divide and reduce to lowest terms. 2009-09-06
From Karen:
Divide and reduce to lowest terms. Use the cancellation technique as needed 4 2/3 divided by 12 14/3 divided by 12/1 not sure wheer to go from here with the cancellation technique
Answered by Penny Nom.
Put in lowest terms 6a^2c/8ab 2008-10-24
From hana:
put in lowest terms 6a^2c/8ab
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Lowest common denominator 2008-05-31
From marlene:
cant get the common lowest denominator of 10,46,64
Answered by Janice Cotcher.
LCM over 100 2007-12-09
From Aris:
A teacher has more than 100 sweets. She thinks that if she give 6, 8 or 9 sweets to her students she will have no remaining in the case. What is the smallest number of sweets in the bag?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
A percent as a fraction 2007-11-24
From Abby:
write 43.75% as a fraction or mixed number in lowest terms.
Answered by Penny Nom.
Lowest terms 2007-04-17
From Dawn:
For some reason, I have a hard time with Ratio and/or rate problems. My problem is as follow: Write each rate or ratio as a fraction in lowest terms. 6 days to 39 hours
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Write each rate or ratio as a fraction in lowest terms 2007-04-17
From Dawn:
Write each rate or ratio as a fraction in lowest terms. $59.00 for 231 minutes
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
The lowest denominator 2006-07-02
From Lisa:

What is the lowest denominator for the following numbers:

a) 26
b) 21
c) 47

Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Compass points 2002-11-05
From Mhairi:
I was asked this in maths but I am not sure if it is geography. Name all the compass points? We have been given 8 but he told us there is more and we have to name them.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
Fractions in lowest terms 2001-12-05
From Thomas:
how to change decimal to a fraction in the lowest terms .7 .65 .019 .0111 .225 .1225 .625 .25 .025 .26 .875 .5 .75 .750 .33 .09 .44 .15 .12 .90 .044 .2500 .95 .500 .02 .40 .125 .1276 .00009 .45 .125 .1276 .375 .975 .054 .0005 .20 .2 .0001 .85 .80 .9 .0007 9.8 10.17 25.75 48.4 80.35 19.64 276.20 31.042 18.1034
Answered by Penny Nom.
I am in lowest terms. 2000-03-21
From Travis Fox:
I am in lowest terms. When you double my numerator and my denominator the result is 10/15.
Answered by Penny Nom.



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