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Get Into Line (HTML or PDF)
This Stewart Resource unit covers many topics some of which are basics of graphing, linear equations, characteristics of a line, arithmetic sequences and series and more. Seven sub-units with lessons are presented with objectives, evaluation ideas and procedures for each.
Hands-On Geometry (HTML or PDF)
This Stewart Resource unit describes the use of manipulatives in to study lines, line segments, angles and polygons.
Helen's Ride
In this note Gregory uses his Arc Midpoint Computation formula to devise a problem regarding riding a bicycle around the University of Victoria campus.
Making the Connection: Patterns and Relations
This one of the articles in the seventh edition of Ideas and Resources for Teachers of Mathematics, a newsletter published by the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society. The theme of the seventh edition is patterning and algebra and in this article Alain shows how experiments can be used to make connections between formulas and real life situations.
Math on the Farm
This article discusses some of the many ways in which math is used in agriculture. It considers specific agriculture processes, as well as a variety of math concepts.
Mathematical Induction (HTML or PDF)
In this note Penny look at some induction problems including some that illustrate the need for a suitable induction hypothesis and show how things can go wrong if it is not strong enough.
Networks as a Problem Solving Technique
This note describes a situation which is familiar to students and constructs a mathematical model. A feature of this activity is that the problem described does not have a unique solution. Finding different solutions requires that the students have a good understanding of the problem, and different methods of solution provide an ideal opportunity for classroom discussion.
On MY Mind (HTML or PDF)
In this note we consider a problem involving the ratio of two unknowns and contrast an algebraic solution with a graphic approach.
Pi Day Pie with Two..Foci
Gregory gives a challenge problem with an elliptic pie.
Puzzle Brings... Olympic Rings
Gregory poses a challenge problem involving the Olympic Rings.
Sciences Shine at LIT
In this note Gregory creates a problem inspired by the Luther Invitational Tournament (LIT), a longstanding basketball tournament at Luther College High School in Regina.
Size small school
In this grades 7 to 9 activity students make measurements of their school and then construct a scale drawing.
Some Problem-Solving Ideas (HTML or PDF)
Some ideas to begin a problem-solving centred mathematics program.
Summer Short Courses
This note is in the twelth edition of Ideas and Resources for Teachers of Mathematics, a newsletter published by the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Society. It announces some short courses to be offered in Saskatoon in the Summer of 2000.
The Map of the Land & Symbolic Extent
Another challenge problem from Gregory, this time concerning the map of Saskatchewan.



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