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20 mangoes 2016-04-01
From Mussharat:
I have 20 mangoes and have to put them in 5 boxes such that the numbers will be odd numbers.Also I can't cut or take the seed out from the mango . What should I do. It's really confusing.
I'll be more than happy if you could help me.

Answered by Penny Nom.
20 golfers playing a 20 week season 2015-12-07
From Jeff:
We have 20 golfers playing a 20 week season. We play in foursomes. How best to set foursomes so everyone can play with every without playing with the same person multiple times?
Answered by Victoria West.
A six team league to play a 20 game schedule 2015-10-19
From Kelly:
Hi there. Some of your posts are close, but my problem is evening out the home and away games. We have 6 teams in our league and we are going to play a 20 game schedule, playing everyone 4 times. We will play Fridays and Saturdays, each weekend. Of course the ideal would be to have each team have a home and an away game each weekend, but I realize that is impossible, but I would like it as close as possible. Any help would be much appreciated!! We also were considering opening with a home and away - Friday then Saturday with the same teams. Then carrying on with playing everyone else and then possibly finishing up with the same home and home
Answered by Victoria West.
20 golfers for 6 days 2015-09-11
From Dave:
have 20 golfers for 6 days. Each player should pair with 18 golfers used a system on your website which is good for 5 days, but cannot get the 6th day. Thanks for your help Dave
Answered by Victoria West.
20 golfers playing four rounds 2015-08-17
From Paul:
I have a party of 20 golfers playing four rounds in fourballs. I realise that everyone will have 7 players that they do not play with, however I want to ensure that no one plays with the same person twice and that the Captain plays with the 12 players of his choice.
Answered by Victoria West.
20 teams and 10 competition stations 2014-06-04
From Joel:
I have 20 teams. There are 10 competition stations. Each station will accommodate exactly 2 teams to compete with each other at a time.

Each of the 20 teams needs to compete at each of the 10 stations exactly one time.

Here's the catch I cannot solve: how to schedule it so that each team plays EVERY OTHER TEAM once and only once, while never repeating a station.

Answered by Victoria West.
Golf with 3 teams of 20 2014-04-21
From Joshua:
Thank in advance for this great service

Golf - new - 3 teams of 20 - to create 20 unique groups of 3

For example use 3 teams of 3

1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b
1c 2c 3c

So groups are
1a 1b 1c
2a 2b 2c
3a 3b 3c

Groups can only have one a, one and one c - and that combo should be unique

Answered by Victoria West.
A golf league with 20 players over 17 weeks 2014-04-12
From Chris:
I have a golf league 20 players and 17 weeks. We don't have teams so I just want to have everyone to play with each other the about same number of time and, hopefully, randomly distributed throughout the season. We have had situations in the past where two people play together for three weeks in a row and then not anymore for the rest of the season. From other posts, I see how to schedule the first 5 weeks without repeats but I can’t figure out an algorithm to for the rest of the season. Thanks!
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf with 20 players and one compulsory bye 2014-03-31
From Wayne:
I'm trying to run an event with 20 players, I would like if at all possible to limit amount of people playing repetitively together. (Mix it up and play with different people). Here's the conditions. I want groups of 4 over 5 rounds. On each round I want 4 players to drop out and have a bye (to help run the game) but I dont want them helping a group they've played in if I can help it. Is this possible ?
Answered by Victoria West.
Counting in base five using words not digits 2014-01-25
From Randy:
We all know how to count (in the base 10/decimal system) using words not numbers. For example: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, etc. However, in base 5 (for example) how would you count (in words). For sure - in base 5 the number 1 could be "one", the number 2 could be "two". However there seems to be no words to describe base 5 numbers beyond 0,1,2,3 and 4 (and perhaps 10). In base 5 the number 10 is not ten. Rather it is "five". In base 5 what word(s) describe numbers larger than 10? What words are used for 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30, 44,...etc. Also, consider a man and woman were married in the Gregorian year 1964. If they had an anniversary tomorrow - how long would you say they've been married in base 5 speak? In numbers their Golden Anniversary would note 200 years of marriage in base 5. How would you articulate their years together in base 5? I don't recall seeing verbiage to represent numbers in any system other than the decimal/base 10 system. Do such things exist for other systems?
Answered by Harley Weston.
20 golfers over 5 days 2013-05-09
From Russ:
we have 20 golfers over 5 days, with 4 people per foursome which makes 5 groups each day. I would like to each person to play with everyone at least once if possible. Do you have a formula for this?
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 20, two teams of 10 2012-08-30
From Mark:
Hi I have to teams of 10 people playing Ryder cup format(against each other) Can I have all 20 people playing with someone different over 3rounds of golf while remaining on there respective team I.e. players 1 to 10 must team up with a player of that group against a pair for players 11 to 20
I hope you can solve this for me
Thanks a bunch Mark

Answered by Victoria West.
20 acres, 12 inches deep 2011-02-24
From David:
How many linear yards of material is needed for a square plot of 20 acres by 12 inches deep?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A cylinder is cut at an angle of 20 degrees 2010-01-25
From sanjay:
If I have a cylinder with 40mm diameter and I will cut it at an angle 20 degrees so what would be the increased radius or dia.??? of the cylinder
Answered by Penny Nom.
20 of us golf together in groups of 4 2009-01-24
From D.:
Every Sunday, 20 of us golf together in groups of 4. I am looking for a way that each of us play with 3 other people each week and ultimately get to play in groups that are unique. For instance if week 1, I play with 2, 3, 4 and then the next week I play with 5, 6, 7, and the 3rd week I play with 8, 9, 10 and so forth until I have played with everyone. Everbody else should be doing the same thing. Can you give me a schedule for this and how many weeks would it take for all of us to accomplish this where we all play with different combinations of people. (We should not play with the same person very often or even the same pairs of people but everyone should play with everybody else) I hope this makes sense........whew and thanks!
Answered by Victoria West.
Aboriginal number groupings 2008-09-04
From Barbara:
Our current place value system is based on the notion of 10s. Did Aborginal people use a similar system or did they group numbers differently?
Answered by Harley Weston.
20 golfers playing 5 rounds in 4-somes 2008-09-03
From joe:
20 golfers playing 5 rounds in 4-somes. 5 players in group A play with all 15 golfers in groups B,C,D but not with any in their own group (A). 5 players in group B play with all 15 players in groups A,C,D but not with any in their own group (B) and so on. So each 4-some has an A,B,C,&D player each of the 5 rounds.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
Twenty golfers 2008-03-16
From john:
I have a group of 20 golfers. We plan on playing 6 rounds of golf in 4 days. I would like to have the most possible combinations of players without each player playing with anyone if possible, in the 4 days of golf
Answered by Victoria West.
Golf pairings 2007-10-02
From Mike:
Regarding arranging golf players so no person plays with anyone more than once. You have given examples for 16 and 24 players. If it can be done, i need a solution for 20 players, 4 players per team one round per day for 5 days
Answered by Victoria West.
Twenty golfers 2006-05-08
From Mona:
We have twenty golfers and four rounds of golf. We would like to figure out how to make foursomes so that each golfer plays with as many different golfers as possible.
Answered by Penny Nom.
20 Golfers 2004-10-26
From Ian:
I have 20 golfers playing over 6 days I would like to schedule all 20 golfers in 5 groups of 4 on each day here is the catch.... I would like each player to play with each other once during the 6 days.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
The 20 kilometer walk 2002-08-20
From A student:
Answered by Penny Nom.
When will the calendar be the same as 2002? 2002-02-20
From John:
When will the calendar be the same as 2002? I know the answer is 2013, but I don't know how to answer this mathematically, or if it is possible to do so. This is a ninth grade level algebra question my daughter received from her teacher. Any ideas?
Answered by Chris Fisher, Patrick Maidorn and Penny Nom.
What is 20 to the thousandth power? 2002-02-12
From Kristi:
What is 20 to the thousandth power?
Answered by Paul Betts.
Y2K? 1999-09-03
From Mike Putzakulish:
In Y2K, the "K" stands for thousand, but where did the "K" come from? I know it's not a Roman Numeral, but what is it??
Answered by Chris Fisher and Harley Weston.
Un polyedre ayant comme face 20 triangles 2000-08-02
From Sonia:
J'aimerai savoir comment s'appelle un polyedre ayant comme face 20 triangles équilatéraux égaux.
Answered by Chris Fisher.



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