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Subtraction of two numbers in different bases 2016-10-07
From Wica:

So happy I found this site. I am having problems with bases. My question is :
Please perform the subtraction between two number over different bases :
A. (5874)base 12 - (216)base 9
B. (216)base 9 - (5874)base 12

Answered by Penny Nom.
Subtraction in a base larger than ten 2016-01-31
From Jenalee:

So happy I found this site. I am having problems with bases. My question is 97B9 - 6A3A base 16 for both.

Please help.

Answered by Penny Nom.
Subtraction in base 8 2015-10-21
From Adi:
Hi! Can you help me with a nagging problem, I searched a lot over the web and couldn't find it. I saw this site I gave it a try and I found it to my liking.

I am confused how to subtract bases from other bases:
567 (in base 8)
- 456 (in base 8)
How do you do this? I do know how to carry and subtract with different bases. Can you please help me?


Answered by Penny Nom.
Subtraction base 5 2015-08-29
From nakita:
can u explain the quinary subtraction ...
(3000) -(2342) all the numbers are in quinary number system

Answered by Penny Nom.
8 3/8 - 6 1/4 2011-03-21
From lenora:
explain an error pattern in each of the following. 8 3/8 - 6 1/4 = 2 2/4
Answered by Penny Nom.
What time did susan go to bed? 2010-02-14
From Sophia:
Susan woke up at 7:42 Am to get ready for school. She slept for 10 and 1/3 hours. What time did she go to bed?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Subtraction base 5 2009-08-09
From Nikki:
can you help me how to do subtraction in base 5 notation. example is 3434 - 51? how do you do this in base 5?
can you please explain how you do this & the answer as i have no idea.

Thank you kindly

Answered by Harley Weston.
A number puzzle 2009-04-15
From Julie:
Hi, please help me!!! I have a subtraction puzzle... 5 digits minus 4 digits = 33333 Only using numbers 1-9 once each. I can get 33323 but then thats it!!! Please how do I work it out? There must be a simple way?? Thankyou
Answered by Claude Tardif.
A subtraction problem with negative numbers 2007-04-12
From Bridget:
my daughter has to change a subtraction problem with negative numbers in it to an addition problem with negative numbers and then solve the problem such as: -4-(-2)=?
Answered by Penny Nom.
The language of subtraction 2005-09-26
From Chris:
When you have an addition problem you have two addends that equal a sum. Therefore . . .

I know the answer to a subtraction problem is the difference - what is the name of the numbers that make up a subtraction problem?

Answered by Diane Hanson and Harley Weston.
12-42, 8-26, 10-34, 9-30, 16-58 2005-08-31
From Elizabeth:
here is a math question my niece gave me, grade 7

12-42, 8-26, 10-34, 9-30, 16-58

first day of school and this is what they give her no explanation

Answered by Harley Weston.
The answer to a subtraction problem 2005-03-22
From Libby:
What is the name of a number that is the answer to a subtraction problem?
Answered by Diane Hanson and Claude Tardif.
F = -3 + 3 2002-03-19
From Jessica:
F= -3 + 3 WHAT IS F?????
Answered by Penny Nom.
Borrowing from zero 2001-03-30
From Nikki:
Here is the problem:

- 866.20

Now I know this equals 4,167.36 which I figured out on the calculator just to make sure. But when I did it by hand, I kept ending up with 5,167.36, which I knew was impossible. What am I doing wrong??

Answered by Leeanne Boehm and Claude Tardif.
Order of operations 2000-11-26
From Margaret Pratt:
My daughter has a math question and I am afraid I am of no help. Can you help? 2x5/2+1-5= She arrives at 8 as the answer and has been told this is incorrect. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Answered by Penny Nom.
Subtracting fractions 2000-08-26
From Sarah Stanczyk:
how is this problem solved??

3/ x+1 - 5/x
( 3 divided by x +1 subtracted by 5 divided by x)

Answered by Penny Nom.
Why does division start from the left? 2000-05-24
From Salil Dave:
Addition, subtraction and multiplications start with right most digit and proceed left, but division starts from left-most digits and goes right ... why?
Answered by Harley Weston.
Borrowing 2000-04-17
From A college student:
How would you explain borrowing to an elementary school student?
Answered by Penny Nom.



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