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The positive root of sin(x) = x^2 2015-12-13
From Kemboi:
Find the positive root of the equation sin(x) = x^2
Answered by Penny Nom.
Archimedes, Euclid and "Circular Reasoning" 2015-11-15
From Ron:
I have read about Archimedes and his work with sphere in cylinder and cone in cylinder and the volume relationships. Did he or any others also extend this to regular based polygon based regular like pillars, and columns? The ratio of 1/3 to 1 whole holds true with all regular based columns as example: a regular pyramid having a regular hexagon base inside a regular hexagon column of equal height.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
A 6-person team that has 9 players 2015-09-21
From Sheri:
I am organizing a 6-person team that has 9 players. How do I schedule them fairly over a 9 week league?
Answered by Victoria West.
A schedule for an 8 person team 2015-08-27
From Julie:
We have 8 people on our team, but only 4 can play every week. We have 32 weeks, total. How can we divide this so everyone plays evenly ?
Answered by Robert Dawson.
A 5-person golf flight 2014-05-05
From Jeremy:
can you have a 5-person golf flight and play only 3 matches so that one person plays one match each?
Answered by Victoria West.
Simson line 2013-05-23
From Nazrul:
From any point p lying on the circumcircle of the triangle perpendiculars PD , PE are drawn on BC,CA respectively. The line segment ED intersects at the point 0 ; prove that PO ⊥ AB ( PO is perpendicular to AB ).
Answered by Chris Fisher.
A silver figurine 2013-05-03
From Renee:
I have a silver figurine, the density of silver is 10.5g/cm3. if the figurine weighed 149 g. to determine the volume, he dropped it into a cylindrical glas of water. the diameter of the glass is 6 cm and the figurine was pure silver, by how much should the water level in the glass rise?
Answered by Penny Nom.
What is the better price? 2012-03-30
From john:
What is the better price?
If a bag of mulch sells for $6.75 and contains 2.7 cubit feet versus a bag selling for $5.99 and contains 2 cubit feet.
Which is the better value?

Answered by Penny Nom.
Mathematics and a musical dilemma 2011-01-19
From rahul:
how is mathematics applied in entertainment?
Answered by Harley Weston.
Comparing percentages 2010-06-14
From Anouska:
In category A, Annie gave 5 out of 6 responses. I make this 83% I the same category, Adam gave 4 out of 10 responses. I make this 40%

Does this mean that Annie gave 43% more responses in this category than Adam?

Answered by Robert Dawson.
Show your work 2009-09-02
From Gerald:
We have a 6th grade student who can solve math problem successfully without showing her work. The teacher thinks it is not fair that she doesn't show her work and the other have to and do. What sort of classroom accommodation(s) would you recommend for this type of student. It would seem to be a popular problem since there are many student who think more global than sequential.
Answered by Victoria West, Penny Nom and Robert Dawson.
A father and son problem 2009-07-23
From yomi:
five years ago, a father was 3 times as old as is son, now their combines age's amount 110 years. what is the present age of the father?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Real World Applications of Mathematical Skills 2009-06-08
From Kathy:
I am teaching a student who is on the life skills program and is at the stage 2 level for maths but is in year 9 (stage 3). I am looking for maths lessons that will help her in life. Like maths in shopping, maths in fashion, maths in the home etc. Your help in finding lesson plans is urgently needed.
Answered by Janice Cotcher.
Nullity 2009-02-16
From Justin:
What exactly does the term nullity mean in the context of transreal numbers invented by Dr. James Anderson?

Thanks for your help in answering this question!

All the Best,


Answered by Robert Dawson.
System of equations - comparison method 2009-01-02
From nick:
Hi, I am doing a project on system of equations by using comparison method, but for some reason or another, i can't seem to find any information on the comparison method at all. So, please would you help me by giving me a website that you know of that has some information on my method. And, if you know the answer, can you please tell me why or when do we use system of equations by using comparison method? Thank You
Answered by Robert Dawson.
Estimate the cube root of 270 2008-03-11
From Tom:
(a) By plotting suitable graphs, estimate to one decimal place the cube root of 270.
(b) With reference to your answer to part (a), use 8 iterations of a Bisection Search to refine your estimate. Use the nearest whole numbers either side of your estimate from part (a) as starting values.
(c) Using either of your starting values from part (b) as first guess, use the Newton-Raphson method to find the true value of the root (to 6 decimal places). Repeat using the other starting value from part (b) and compare the two results.

Answered by Harley Weston.
A geodesic dome 2007-09-25
From Roger:
In my Science-Fiction series, I have a Dyson's Sphere tiled with regular hexagons. The number of hexagons is over 300,000 and the radius of the Sphere is roughly 80,000,000 miles. The actual size of the Sphere and hexagons have been left flexible until I can come up with a definite number of hexagons that would fit. My problem is the pattern of hexagons which would fit within the sphere without leaving gaps or overlapping.

My best guess has been to use four equilateral triangles composed of 78606 hexagons, (396 per edge) arranged around the sphere with six 'zippers' to connect them and four 'caps' at the points, for a total of 316804 hexagons. Given the fact that each Hex is the same size, does this seem plausible? Is there some pattern formula I can use to play with these figures? Simple divsion of areas will not work if the number derived will not fit into the pattern to leave a perfectly tiled surface. Thank you.

Answered by Chris Fisher.
Prisoners 2007-05-12
From Ryan:
Last monday, the county jail had 200 prisoners. Of these, 130 were accused of felonies, and 121 were accused of misdemeanors. How many prisoners were accused of both a felony and a misdemeanor?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
x^x = 2x 2007-02-22
From ramsay:
This has been bugging me for ages. How do find both real solutions to x^x = 2x? Obviously I have x=2, and there's another at about 0.35, but I can't work it out properly. Any help?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Calculating a person's volume 2007-01-20
From James:
Hi i am currently trying to calculate my volume. I have tried to do this using a tank of water and measuring the difference. i worked out that my volume is 112 litres. my question is that i want to make a box that would hold my volume and so i need to convert it into centimeters. i know that there are 100 cm^2 in a litre. if i divide this by 4 i would be 91x91x91ft. is this simply to do with density. if so how could i make this more realistic?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Whose photo is he looking at? 2006-02-19
From Adeyeri:
Looking at a picture a man says, that the father of the person (in photo) is the son of my father. whose photo is he looking at?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Nixon, Jefferson, and Madison 2002-10-08
From Lisa:
The longest-lived US presidents are John Adams(age90), Herbert Hoover (also90), and Harry Truman (88). Behind them are James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Richard Nixon. The lattter three men lived a total of 249 years, and their ages at the time of death form consecutive odd integers. For how long did Nixon, Jefferson, and Madison live?
Answered by Penny Nom.
7th grade math lesson plans 2002-07-23
From Peter:
Where can I get samples of 7th grade math lesson plans and curriculum for the whole year?
Answered by Leeanne Boehm.
Ratio and proportion 2001-10-10
From Steve:
Where would you use a proportion and/or a ratio in a real life job or problem.
Answered by Leeanne Boehm and Walter Whiteley.
Standard deviation 2001-09-22
From Doug:
I was wondering if anybody knows who the founder of standard deviation was?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Leukemia 2001-04-15
From Don:
Assume: Leukemia occurs at an incidence of 1 in 10,000.

Benzene is a known carcinogen which causes Leukemia and has been found in toxic levels in the homes of a community of 1200 people.

Question: How many cases of Leukemia would be necessary to reject the null hypothesis. That is, to suggest that statistically, the cases are more likely due to benzene exposure rather than chance.

Answered by Chris Fisher and Penny Nom.
Solving x - sin(x) = constant 2000-12-29
From Keith Roble:
If x is in radians, how do you solve for x, where: x-sin(x) = constant?
Answered by Harley Weston.
Inductive reasoning pattern 1999-09-13
From Greg Walsh:
What are the next 2 rows of the pattern?

Answered by Walter Whileley.

Geometry patterns lesson plans 1998-12-31
From Vicki:
hi,,, my name is Vicki and I am a new 5th grade teacher....

Anyway, I'm supposed to come up with a lesson plan to

  • Explore patterns that result from cominations of "reflections, rotations, and translations of geometric figures.
The plan is to include:
  • writing/metacognition, assessment strategies, interdisciplanary connections, supplemental materials, or textbook, and Bloom's taxonomy level.
Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by Jack LeSage.

Linear systems of equations 1998-11-16
From Crystal Girvan:
My name is Crystal Girvan.Im in grade 11. I have a question.We are solving linear systems of equations: comparison method. My questions is. it says

a)use the method of comparison to solve this system a=b-1, 3a+ b=3

b) verify your solutin in a

I dont understand it. please help
Answered by Jack LeSage.

The Central Limit Theorem 1997-04-21
From Donna Hall:
A skeptic gives the following argument to show that there must be a flaw in the central limit theorem:
We know that the sum of independent Poisson random variables follows a Poisson distribution with a parameter that is the sum of the parameters of the summands. In particular, if n independent Poisson random variables, each with parameter 1/n, are summed, the sum has a Poisson distribution with parameter 1. The central limit theoren says the sum tends to a normal distribution, but Poisson distribution with parameter 1 is not normal.

What do you think of this argument?
Answered by Neal Madras.

Algebre 2009-03-04
From Jonnathan:
Pour entrer sur le site d'une exposition, il en coute 41$ pour 2 enfants et 2 adultes mais 37.50$ pour 3 enfants et un adulte. Quel est le prix de la rentree pour l'enfant et quel est le prix de la rentree pour l'adulte? il faut utiliser la methode de comparaison ou de substitution
Answered by Claude Tardif.
Les 3 maisons 2003-11-16
From Amandine:
Sur la figure ci-contre on peut voir 3 maisons A, B et C nouvellement construites. Toutes les 3 doivent être reliées au gaz, à l'eau et à l'électricité. Cependant, tous ces raccordements doivent impérativement avoir lieu dans un même plan et les câbles et autres canalisations ne peuvent pas se croiser. Comment doit-on s'y prendre pour relier les 3 maisons à l'eau, au gaz et à l'électricité?
Answered by Claude Tardif.
3 maisons 2002-08-23
From Wilfrid:
voila j'ai une petite énigme a vous proposez il y a 3 maisons chaque maisons doit être reliées par une arrivées d'eau , d'électricité et par le gaz sans que les lignes ne se croisses pouvez vous me dire si c'est possible car moi j'ai essayé et ne suis pas arrivé je vous joint un exemple pour que vous compreniez mieux merci d'avance
Answered by Claude Tardif.



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