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Is every rectangle a rhombus? 2019-04-25
From Danny:
Is a rectangle a rhombus??? True or False
Answered by Penny Nom.
A parallelogram, a rhombus and a rectangle 2018-02-07
From Sambo:
what do parallelogram, rhombus and rectangle have in common?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Is every rectangle a rhombus? 2016-11-28
From Robert:
not every rectangle is a rhombus.true or false? if false please leave a short explanation. thank you:)
Answered by Penny Nom.
The diagonal of a rhombus 2015-11-14
From Om:
In a rhombus ABCD, angle A=60 and side AB=6 cm. Then diagonal BD is ?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Why is the area of square not conserved when it changes to a rhombus? 2015-06-28
From shubham:
Why is the area of square not conserved when it changes to a rhombus, both have equal sides still rhombus have less area than square.??
Answered by Penny Nom.
Is a rhombus a square? 2015-03-24
From Justin:
Is a rhombus a square?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A cyclic rhombus 2013-04-16
From Marisa:
I know that the only rhombus that can be inscribed in a circle is a square, but why is that? I've been racking my brain and the internet for solutions, but have found no logical explainations in relation to the arc degrees and angles. Please help.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
How do I prove that the quadrilateral is a Rhombus? 2010-12-16
From Matthew:
Quadrilateral KLMN has vertices K(2,3), L(7,3), M(4,7) and N(-1,7). How do I prove that the quadrilateral is a Rhombus??
Answered by Robert Dawson and Penny Nom.
Two rhombi 2008-06-12
From Malik:
("rhombus" diagram is attached) ABCD and EJCD are rectangles. EFHG and HIJK are similar rhombus. HIJK is 4times bigger than EFHG. In each rhombus the larger diagonal is double of the smaller one. If AB = 30cm, what is the lenght of the diagonals of the smaller rhombus ?
Answered by Penny Nom.
The perimeter of a rhombus 2008-04-18
From susana:
how do you find the perimeter of a rhombus?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A parallelogram and a rhombus 2008-01-22
From miguel:
i have a problem proving a parallelogram a rhombus.. if a diagonal of a parallelogram bisects an angle of the parallelogram , then its a rhombus prove
Answered by Stephen La Rocque and Walter Whiteley.
Proving a quadrilateral is a rhombus 2007-12-03
From Jeanie:
How do you prove that a quadrilateral is a rhombus because the diagonals of the quadrilateral are perpendicular and bisect each other using the 2-column proof method?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
A rhombus with all right angles 2007-06-29
From Rachel:
Can a rhombus with all right angles still be tagged as a rhombus, or is it then said to be a square?
Answered by Stephen La Rocque, Harley Weston and Walter Whiteley.
More on quadrilateral shape names 2007-05-26
From Don:
If North Americans call a quadrilateral with no parallel sides a trapezium, is a kite merely a special type of trapezium? Can a rhombus be a kite?
Answered by Walter Whiteley and Penny Nom.
A rhombus 2007-03-04
From Sally:
As a kindergarten teacher, I am trying to introduce the term rhombus to my class. What would be the best mathematical, but simple language to use? The diamond shape, which I am trying to label as rhombus, is still "a dimaond" to my kindergarten students. Help!
Answered by Steve La Rocque and Diane Hanson.
A rhombus 2006-12-26
From Jose:
show mathematically that a quadrilateral whose vertices are A(2,1),B(6,-2) C(10,1),and D(6,4) is a rhombus
Answered by Penny Nom.
The area of a rhombus 2006-09-10
From Lillian:
In a rhombus, each side is 14 in. long. Two of the sides form a 60 degree angle. Find the area of the rhombus. Round your answer to the nearest square inch.
Answered by Stephen La Rocque.
Prove that a rhombus' diagonals are perpendicular 2005-10-02
From Tania:
How do you prove that a rhombus' diagonals are perpendicular using the 2 column proof method?
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
Symmetries of a rhombus 2003-11-02
From Tonia:
why cant an equal sided rhombus have 3 lines of symmetry? you have one line of symmetry on each of the diagonals, and there should be one vertically on an angle. can you please explain the rules of symmetry to me?
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
Can a square be a rhombus? 2003-03-04
From Beth:
Can a square be a rhombus? Some sources say yes, some say no. Some sources define a rhombus as a quadrilateral and parallelogram with equal sides, but without right angles. Some sources say a square is a special case of a rhombus. Clarity, please!
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
Rhombus 2001-07-16
From William:
Calculate the internal angles of a rhombus given measurments of all four sides only.
Answered by Walter Whiteley.
Inscribing a circle in a rhombus 2000-11-16
From Jacky:
A rhombus ABCD is drawn in which the diagonals are 12 and 20 units long. A circle is inscribed in the quadrilateral with the centre of the circle right on the intersection point of the 2 diagonals. The circumference of the circle touches all 4 sides of the rhombus. Is it possible to find the radius of the inscribed circle? If so, how and what is it?
Answered by Chris Fisher.
Rhombuses 2000-11-07
From Melissa:
What in real life is the shape of a rhombus?
Answered by Chris Fisher and Walter Whiteley.
Rhomboid 1999-03-25
From Monica Armour:
I need to see a net of a rhomboid. Where can I find one on the net? Is it like a square paramid with the top chopped off? Help! This has me stumped.
Answered by Jack LeSage.
Show that this construction yields a rhombus. 1996-06-16
From LennyB:
Hello, I have a problem. I doubt you can help me. If you have an isosceles trapezoid, and you connect the midpoints of the four sides of the isosceles trapezoid forming a quadrilateral, how do you prove that it's a rhombus in a 2 column proof??
Answered by Penny Nom.



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