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Scheduling a social curling league 2015-10-20
From Tyler:
I'm scheduling a social curling league where all skips will play with all thirds, all seconds, all leads. And all thirds will do the same and so on. We have 6 teams of 4 and will be doing 6 rotations. Is it possible that all skips will play with all other players from other positions without anyone doubling up?
My initial thoughts were (1,1,1,1) (2,2,2,2) (3,3,3,3) (4,4,4,4)(5,5,5,5)(6,6,6,6)... then rotate the thirds up and seconds down but don't know what to do with the leads and even with just 3 positions there's doubling (1,2,6,x)(2,3,5,x)(3,4,4,x)...4s have doubled (4,5,3,x)(5,6,2,x)(6,1,6,x) as you can see I'm having problems
If you could let me know if this is even possible it would be greatly appreciated

Answered by Victoria West.
Six teams playing five games 2015-10-18
From Aidan:
I have six teams that will be playing five games.
I want each team to play each game once and each team to play each other team once.
Is this possible or should I add an extra round and let some teams play each other twice?

Answered by Victoria West.
Squash scheduling 2015-10-01
From Ed:
I have 5 teams and 2 courts. Every Thursday we play at four different times (6,7,8,9 o clock)

Each team will play each other 5 times over 25 weeks.

Everyone should get to play evenly at the best time (6:00) and the worst time (9:00)

Answered by Victoria West.
Scheduling for a bridge club 2015-09-09
From margot:
Can you help me with scheduling our bridge club?
8 rounds are played with four teams together.
There are 16 teams in total, so our schedule should look like eight 4x4 boxes.
(Each round the four teams play each other over the course of the evening)

Answered by Victoria West.
Rotating speakers through a 10 week schedule 2015-08-03
From Timothy:
I want 15 students to speak 7 times each over the course of 10 weeks.
They each will have 5 minutes.

Answered by Victoria West.
Scheduling meetings with pairs of people 2015-01-22
From Jacey:
I am trying to figure out a formula/system to pair up a list of people so they meet with each other every month, but they rotate who they meet with. Right now I have 13 people and I would like to just type in their names and then have the system put each person with someone else every month and rotate so no one gets the same person twice. Can this be done?
Answered by Victoria West.
Scheduling 12 for lunch 2015-01-05
From Sabrina:
I have 12 staff members that need to have lunch together 1 time each week. I am trying to pair them in a way that we each have the same amount of lunches in the same amount of weeks. Please Help! Thanks!
Answered by Victoria West.
Meetings for 77 students 2014-09-18
From Adam:
We have a new group of students starting, and would like to set up a series of small group meetings so each student meets each other, hopefully without meeting the same people twice.

We have 77 students. In theory I would like to have 11 meeting slots, with 10 groups in each slot, with up to 8 students in each group. Is there a way to do this?

I have wondered if it might be easier to do 9 meeting slots, with 9 groups per slot, with 9 students per group. Thanks!

Answered by Victoria West.
A rotating schedule for 9 individuals 2014-05-29
From Josh:
I need to set up a rotating schedule for 9 individuals. The individuals will be pairing each week in groups of two. Thus, every week there will be 4 groups of two individuals and one individual not paired with anyone (i.e. a "bye week"). The rotating schedule should not repeat any pairing and it will continue until each individual has been paired with every other individual once.
Thank you

Answered by Victoria West.
Two 9 hole golf leagues 2014-04-23
From Sally:
I need help scheduling two 9 hole leagues. Here are the variables:
- Leagues alternate each week starting on the front and back
- League A starts at 4:30 with 7 groups and League B starts at 5:15 with 8 groups (all use carts and must be teed off by 5:30)
- Regular play must continue, customers who have started before league play begins have preference to continue their round whether they are playing 9 or 18 holes.
Thank you!!!

Answered by Victoria West.
Scheduling 10 people for 5 rounds 2013-11-20
From Keith:
Using golf as an example, I would like to schedule 10 people for 5 rounds with 2 groups of 4 and 1 twosome each round. I would like to minimze the number of times any one player plays with another. Can you provide an optimal schedule? Thank you for your help.
Answered by Victoria West.
10 guys playing 8-9 hole rounds 2013-07-19
From Jason:
I have 10 guys playing 8 9 hole match-play rounds. I need to have everybody play the other 9 men, but need to limit them to only a 9 hole match between them. If we need to go 3-3-4 or 2-4-4 for a better solution, that may be possible.
Answered by Victoria West.
Scheduling a 12 person fishing 2013-07-09
From Don:
Greetings Math Central!
I searched the index, but could not find a similar quandary.
Here's my predicament:
I am seeking help in scheduling a 12 person fishing outing.
We have four boats.
I would like to schedule three fishermen to a boat.
We fish 2 1/2 days, split into morning and afternoon sessions.
Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon
We switch boats after lunch, with each fisherman moving to a different boat, with different partners.
I would like to have each fisherman fish with as many others in the group as possible, with a minimum of partner duplication.
I would like to have each fisherman fish in all of the four different boats over the course of the trip at least once.

Would you please suggest a boat / fishing partner schedule that fits my parameters as closely as possible.

Thank you!


Answered by Victoria West.
Five players in a 4-player partnership game 2013-03-19
From Dee:
I have 5 players who are playing in a 4-player partnership game & want to rotate the 5th person in in such a way that each person is each other person's partner for a game. How can such a rotation be done?
Answered by Penny Nom.
We have 10 golfers and four rounds of golf in two days 2013-02-05
From Steve:
We are having a golf tournament. We have 10 golfers and four rounds of golf in two days. We are going to break the group of 10 into two flights. Flight A and Flight B. We would like all members in Flight A to play one nine hole match against each other. All players in Flight B to play one nine hole match against each other. Could we play in groups of 4,3 and 3? What is the best way to make the pairings work?
Answered by Robert Dawson.
We have 2 teams of 6 couples each that play 6 games 2013-01-25
From Denise:
We put together a game night where we have 2 teams of 6 couples each that play 6 games. We haven't been able to figure out an arrangement that allows each couple to play each game with a different couple from the opposite team (i.e. Team A couples play every game with a different couple from Team B). Is this possible? It works with 2 teams of 5 couples each.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
12 golfers, 4 rounds 2012-08-29
From Paul:
We have 12 golfers who will play four rounds of golf - how can we organize the foursomes so that each player has the most exposure to the other 11 players?
Answered by Victoria West.
16 golfers 2012-04-20
From steve:
i have 16 golfers, 4 in "A" flight , 4 in "B" flight , 4 in "C" and 4 in "D"

We are playing 4 rounds (4 teams of 4) and every group must have a player from the A B C an D flight, and in no round may 2 people have already played together!

Answered by Victoria West.
Golf for 12 2012-04-18
From Brent:
I have a golf group that is set up as follows: 12 players, broken into 2 teams of 6. I am looking for a formula to have one player from team A play against one player for team B each round, not repeat the match, and ride with as little duplication as possible. I know that it is not statistically possible with these numbers and will have at least one round that has duplication.
Answered by Robert Dawson.
Golf for 28 2012-04-10
From EARL:

Answered by Robert Dawson.
Golf for 17 2012-03-29
From Richard:
Hi Guys,
I have a scheduling problem which I don't think you have covered before.
Apologies if you have!
I have 17 golfers due to play 4 rounds of golf.
Each round will consist of 3 threeballs and 2 fourballs (ie. 17 golfers in 5 groups)!
Is it possible to come up with a schedule where each golfer plays
with different partners in each round?

Answered by Robert Dawson.
36 golfers 2012-02-15
From Steve:
We will have 36 golfers playing 4 rounds of golf and would like to have different foursomes each round. In other words, no player will play with another more than once.
Answered by Harley Weston.
Golf for 12 2011-07-07
From Jim:
I have a golf trip scheduled with a total of 12 guys. We are playing three rounds of golf. For round 1 Players A B C D must play together. Is there a formula that would allow me to set up the other 8 foursomes with no repeats or minimal repeats? Thanks.
Answered by Victoria West.
A sports schedule for the ymca 2010-01-08
From Erich:
i have to make a sports schedule for the ymca. i have 7 teams. they need to play each other 2 times. we have 3 time slots per night. i would like them to have an even number of time slots thru the season. one team must have abye each week. can you chow mw the schedul. example time 1 team 1 vs. team 2. time 2 team 3 vs. team 4 time 3 team 5 vs. team 6. team 7 bye week 1.
Answered by Victoria West.
A networking event 2010-01-07
From Tricia:
I have 70 people to go around to 10 tables with 7 at each table. only 6 from each table will rotate each time. There is 1 table monitor that always stays at same table. How do I make the rotation so everyone moves and gets to see all 70 people at the networking event?
Answered by Robert Dawson.
24 golfers, 6 days 2009-10-03
From patrick:
i need a pairing schedule for 24 golfers for six days playing in foursomes. Please
Answered by Victoria West.
24 golfers: 4 days 2009-09-21
From Steven:
We have 24 golfers (6 A's, 6 B's, 6 C's & 6 D's) playing 4 days. Each day a foursome consist of an A, a B, a C & a D player. Can you give me a pairing list so that no two golfers will play on the same foursome for the 4 days?
Answered by Chris Fisher and Victoria West.
A golf league with 12 players 2009-07-17
From Jane:
My weekly golf league has 12 players in 4 threesomes. How many weeks would it take to play everyone once and not have too many duplications? What would be the schedule each week? Thanks
Answered by Victoria West.
24 golfers playing golf for 9 rounds 2008-12-23
From Duane:
Got 24 golfers playing golf for 9 rounds. Any formula where everyone can play with everyone else at least once. We are playing 4somes only. Thanks, Duane
Answered by Victoria West.
A dinner club schedule 2007-10-12
From irv:
The problem is that I have 12 couples, 1 through 12, in a dinner club, and each couple is host once with 3 of the other couples. he dinners will take place over 4 months. I am trying to not repeat any of the couples. We had the formula for 16 and 20 couples but not for 12. Are you able to help with the groupings for 12. Thanks very much. Irv
Answered by Victoria West.
Twenty golfers 2006-05-08
From Mona:
We have twenty golfers and four rounds of golf. We would like to figure out how to make foursomes so that each golfer plays with as many different golfers as possible.
Answered by Penny Nom.
My fantasy football league 2005-08-16
From Jim:
I have to make a schedule for my fantasy football league. There are 10 teams in the league and we play a 13 week season. The challenge is we want to play each team only once during the first 10 weeks. This way no team will play another team twice without having played each team at least once. Is this possible?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A golf outing for 16 golfers 2005-08-05
From Bob:
I have a golf outing fast approaching and Iím having a problem matching the golfers so that everyone plays a round of golf with every other golfer in the group.

My problem is this: I have 16 golfers playing 5 rounds of golf. I would like a different foursome for every round of golf, that is each round (5 total) an individual is playing with 3 other players he hasnít played with as of yet. Can you crunch the numbers and get back to me?

The way I see it, we have 20 combinations (5 rounds x 4 golfers) with numbers 1 thru 16.

Answered by Chris Fisher.
A wrestling schedule 2005-03-08
From Ed:
Hello my name is Ed and I am a couch of a wrestling team in New Jersey. I was doing searches for formulas on how to make a matrix for team sports and it seems to be hard to find. I came some how to your site and thought I'll give it a try. Here is what we need or are trying.
Answered by Claude Tardif.
20 Golfers 2004-10-26
From Ian:
I have 20 golfers playing over 6 days I would like to schedule all 20 golfers in 5 groups of 4 on each day here is the catch.... I would like each player to play with each other once during the 6 days.
Answered by Chris Fisher.
A schedule for 6 teams 2004-09-10
From Greg:
I have a schedule I need to make of 6 teams. They must play each other once however no team can be the away team twice in a row. There must be 3 home games and 3 away games for each team.
Answered by Penny Nom.
A 6 team schedule 2003-08-31
From A scheduler:
I saw that someone put on your web site a team schedule and you helped them figure it out.› I have 6 teams that want to play each other once, and believe it or not, I cannot figure it out.
Answered by Penny Nom.
A golf tournament 2003-08-23
From Dale:
I am running a golf tournament with twelve golfers. We will be playing four rounds of golf. I don't want to schedule the same two players together more than twice (if possible). How would I make a schedule that each player would play at least once with every other player? I would appreciate any help that you can give me.
Answered by Denis Hanson.
12 pairs playing bridge 2001-11-09
From Diana:
I have 12 pairs playing bridge against one another for 12 games. I need to have each pair partnered with another pair -- but only once. I'm looking for a schedule for play for all 12 games. They should only be able to play against another team only once also. (ex: 1/2 v 3/4 then 4/2 v 3/1) Thank you for this opportunity to solve my dilemma.
Answered by Claude Tardif.
Scheduling a golf vacation 2000-12-05
From Michael:
I'm having a problem scheduling matches for a golf vacation. We have 12 people playing 7 rounds of golf in 7 days. We play 2 man teams vs. 2 man teams everyday.Is there a formula so that you play WITH a different partner everyday and AGAINST as many different people as possible? Thank You for any help you may be.
Answered by Penny Nom.
Scheduling Meetings 1999-06-25
From Beth Carver:
We have 6 groups meeting at three different places simultaneously. The meetings take place once a month each year. Is there a way to have each group meet with each of the other groups at least twice in a year, four times in each place?
Answered by Chris Fisher and Harley Weston.
Golf Problem - The Sequel 1998-11-13
From Bob:
Sixteen golfers, seven rounds. What are optimum combinations for each golfer to play with as many different golfers as possible?

Many thanks,
Bob Payson
Answered by Denis Hanson.

Mathematics of Schedules 1997-01-16
From Byron Krull:
I was asked if there was a mathematical method to work with schedules. The problem is this. There are 24 teams playing weekly on 4 sheets at 3 different times of the day as follows...
Answered by Denis Hanson.



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